Thursday, 19 February 2015

Blanket Statement - according to Flo!

Meow meow everyone, Florence here. I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you all about some of the knitty goings on here recently. Now if you're a regular visitor, you'll know all about my love of yarn and woolly things in general. In particular, I have a 'thing' about resting on knitted objects. They are so cosy and comfortable, and if they are left lying around, it's like my Mum is inviting me to come and sit on them. I think it would be rude to ignore them, don't you?! Here's a quick reminder of some of my favourite items of bedding........

flo's new blankie (3)

Wurmy rainbow cushion (19)

Purple Sculling (11)

Pink Pony socks (2)

Coffee and Cream baby set 005

Flo helps with the sewing up! 004

Last year I was thrilled when Mum finally finished the 64 Crayons blanket; however my attempts to be the sole-occupier have been thwarted by human intervention!! 

64 Crayons WIP paws up from Flo 002

round 1 to Flo

mine, all mine! (2)

So when I heard rumours about a knitspot blanket club, my little heart soared! Mum was going to knit me my very own blanket! What a special cat am I?! The first instalment of the pattern was released on Tuesday, and Mum spent some time sorting out yarn and a project bag. This is a Super Spud bag, perfect for blankets, available from ThreeBagsFull. I hung around, all casual-like, to keep an eye on proceedings.

Love Squared - preparation (11)

I monitored progress yesterday evening from my spot on the sofa.

Flo monitors the blankie (2)

This morning, Mum had a big 'tah-dah'! moment. I must say I was a bit surprised, I hadn't expected her to finish it quite so quickly. So you can imagine how I felt when I saw what she was celebrating. I mean, take a look for yourself!

Comfort Me block 1 done! (5)

I tried to make an impressed face, but really - is she having a laugh?!

Comfort Me block 1 done! (14)

I did my best to lay down on it, honestly.

Comfort Me block 1 done! (12)

But there's no other way of putting it - it just ain't big enough!! Now are you going to tell her or am I?! Meow meow meow!  xxx

Comfort Me block 1 done! (2)


Una said...

This is hilarious and some of those photos are priceless especially the one of Flo fitting onto the sock!

Bridget said...

Flo, you are such a pretty kitty, and clearly a good helper!

Lynne said...

Flo, you are a gem!! I do like your supervising from the sofa - every site needs a foreman, or should that be forecat?... You might need to be a bit more patient and wait a bit longer for your blanket, and then maybe you could keep your paws off the rest of the knitting!

Judy said...

So much fun! Flo, you are the perfect "knit-worthy" kitty!

Evelyn Hender said...

Aw Flo :) You just need to be patient lol

Jenny said...

She has obviously spent too much time with the sewing machine and neglected your needs. I'd have a word with the Cats Protection if I were you.

Dr. Cynthia said...

Patience, miss flo! Helen will get it done, forthwith!

SapphireBlue said...

I know I have to put my cat up when I cut fabric, or she'll sit on it.

knittingsandwich said...

Ha! Flo is such a good helper.
That photo of her on the sock made me laugh out loud!