Sunday, 8 February 2015

Thankfully no sting in the foot!

Despite being off work ill for most of last week, I barely picked up any knitting until Thursday. Up until that point, it was just too much effort! Since then, I have been whizzing away on a pair of socks, which have been in hibernation since the summer of 2013. The yarn is some I spun, made of 50% Blue Faced Leicester and 50% Ramie. Ramie is a plant fibre that comes from nettles! Thankfully, those nasty little stinging hairs have long gone and the fibre has quite a silky feel to it. Here's a reminder of how the fibre looked before spinning .......

Stinger stash (2)

I actually had two braids which I split and plied to produce some lovely colourful yarn!

Tour de Fleece 2013 Day 16 020

Tour de Fleece 2013 Day 20 007

One of the skeins seemed to be a little less tightly spun, so I hope that the socks will wear ok. I will have to try them and see what happens. I do have plenty of yarn left, should some emergency repairs or reinforcing be required. I made the most of the sunshine this afternoon and my resident photographer (aka Mr JK) did the honours.

Stinger handspun socks (3)

Stinger handspun socks (2)

Stinger handspun socks (5)

I'm counting down the days until half term now; I have a couple of 'big knits' starting during that week, so while I'm waiting, I'll carry on working on another snoozing project. See you soon for a real explosion of colour! xxx


Gracey is not my name.... said...

Lovely! How wonderful to be able to use yarn you spun....

Sally said...

Beautiful! Someday, I will knit myself a pair of socks, but it won't be from yarn that I spun (I've put a lock on learning any new crafty skills right now) :)

snoopydog said...

The yarn is so pretty! Love! Ros x

Lynne said...

These are lovely, the colours (and spinning!) are beautiful.