Sunday, 1 March 2015

Slow and Steady

spring tulips

I had to share this beautiful vase of tulips with you - they were a gift from friends who came to lunch last week and they are still looking stunning. I love the way the sun was shining on them this morning. Also making the most of the sunshine was Flo. She seeks out any sunny spot in the lounge, emerging bleary eyed from her igloo if there's a cat-sized patch within flopping distance.

sunny Flo (1)

I have made steady progress (oops, sounds like I am writing a school report) on my jumper over the past week. I am almost at the point of separating the body from the arms, so hopefully then things will speed up a bit. There is already one finished sweater in the KAL, I am a long way off that at the moment! I'm looking forward to getting to the striped in the body. Then I'll really feel like I'm getting somewhere! More next week!

My Roger That blanket has grown a little, I'm aiming for one pattern repeat a week. I can imagine that it's going to become quite heavy when it gets near to completion.

Roger That blanket 4 repeats WIP

I haven't done a great deal on my Love Squared blanket - I cast on the third block last weekend, but it hasn't grown very much. I took this silly photo for a competition on Ravelry! Perhaps if I leave the needles with the gnomes, they'll finish it off for me! Some hope!

Love Squared Bloch Ness WIP (3)

There's a KAL in the Fibre East group on Ravelry just started too, to help knit up stash from last year before this year's event. I have wound a colourful, sparkly skein ready for action. I just need to decide on a sock pattern to show off all the beautiful colours! Any suggestions? See you soon. xxx

Fibre East 2014 projects wound (1)


snoopydog said...

Ha ha! I bet those gnomes will get the job done.When our three were little, an elf used to come every night and French Knit 'for England'. In the morning it was always at least 6inches longer!!!! I wasn't allowed to share the magic with Sophie, so Grandma had to work VERY hard each evening during our stay in Manchester:-). Please don't feel you are behind in the sweater KAL.... I haven't had time to cast on yet! ;-) Have a good week! Ross

Jenny said...

The blanket pattern is really effective and it will be amazingly warm but I wonder how many stitches you have. It would take me all my time to knit a repeat never mind having other projects on the go. Now stop reading your comments and get knitting.

Anita said...

The gnomes have my sense of humour...and obviously yours too. lol. Love the tulips, they are awesome.The blanket pattern is way nice too.
Cheers, Anita.

Lee said...

Hi I have just discovered your adorable blog.Love Flo she is soooo cute.Your blog is soooo are a good cook too I think,I am a BIG Delia fan.

Lynne said...

Lol! I love the knitting gnomes, they make me think of the story about the elves and the shoe maker. Wouldn't it be great to have gnome knitting helpers? They could do all the boring stuff like counting stitches and weaving in ends!!

knittingsandwich said...

if the gnomes work let us know! i have one or two in my yard that i could set to work!

not sure which is more gorgeous in the sunlight, the tulips or flo... oh who am i kidding, flo will always win :)