Sunday, 15 March 2015

Time Lapse no.2

We spent the weekend in London as Mr JK was running the Vitality North London Half Marathon today and I took the opportunity of some uninterrupted car knitting to make a start on my Fibre East sock project. Here's how the weekend panned out.

Friday 15:01 Norwich

Gabriola sock time lapse (2)

19:42 Chigwell - a delicious dinner at the Ghandi restaurant.

Gabriola sock time lapse (3)

Saturday 08:54 Woodford Tube station, heading into London for the day.

Gabriola sock time lapse (6)

09:38 Victoria Embankment, looking towards the London Eye and Westminster; perfect strolling weather.

Gabriola sock time lapse (7)

13:56 lunchtime carbs loading for Mr JK (and me!!) after browsing around Borough Market.

Gabriola sock time lapse (11)

Sunday 09:48 Allianz stadium, North London, after waving Mr JK off on his half marathon, some al fresco, rather chilly knitting!

Gabriola sock time lapse (12)

14:35 Woodford. A tasty snack in Costa Coffee before the drive back to Norfolk; finisher's medal worn with pride by Mr JK who finished the race in under 2 hours, beating his previous best by almost 15 minutes! Yay for Mr JK!!

Gabriola sock time lapse (14)

18:08 Norwich. Back home and ready to chill out. xxx

Gabriola sock time lapse (16)


Una said...

Wow! I'm impressed at how quickly you knitted that sock. I was in south London today and we had cloud and drizzle. So it looks like north London had the better weather.

busybusybeejay said...

can't believe that.You must be so quick knitting.

Unknown said...

wooo superfast knitting :) Will you finish the second sock as quickly though lol

Jennyff said...

Great sock knitting but even better work from Mr JK, well done on a PB.

snoopydogknits said...

Love the way the Gabby's are turning out! Congrats to Mr JK. Mr Snoops was very impressed! Ros x

Lynne said...

Wowsers!! That's amazing!

knittingsandwich said...

congrats to mr jk on besting his time!
and look at you go! a sock in a weekend! most impressive!

Sally said...

Gorgeous! I'm always jealous of knitters that manage to knit up multiple pairs of socks. I've only ever knit one sock... so, I know I can do it, I just have never gotten around to knitting a pair :-/

knittingsandwich said...

how fun to see the progression of your sock as the weekend goes along. you are so incredibly fast! mr jk too- congrats to him!