Thursday, 9 April 2015

Final fling!

We awoke this morning to find a film crew setting up outside our cottage! Filming for the seventh series of Doc Martin is under way in the village. There were people in hi-vis jackets, people with walkie talkies and lots and lots of equipment! I watched from the upstairs window, but as I have only seen the odd episode, probably the only person I would recognise is Martin Clunes, and I didn't spot him! We had plans to go out of Port Isaac today, otherwise we might have hung around to watch the filming.

Cornwall 2015 day 7 (1)

We decided to revisit one of our favourite places in Cornwall, the Lost Gardens of Heligan. We have been there twice before - it really is a magical place to explore. Beautiful gardens, birdsong filling the air, peace and quiet. What more could you want? Definitely go there if you ever get the chance!

Lost Gardens of Heligan

There were lots of piglets sleeping in the sunshine. I love the expression on this little chap's face. I wonder what he was dreaming about?!

Cornwall 2015 day 7 R (29)

We drove back to the cottage via Wadebridge so that I could stock up with my favourite Granny Wobbly fudge. Then a final walk down to the harbour to say goodbye to Port Isaac. Tomorrow we will be driving back to Norfolk and I cannot wait to have cuddles with Flo. I do hope you have enjoyed my Cornish adventures, it's been great having your company. xxx

Cornwall 2015 day 7 (101)


Stitched Together said...

I've loved seeing all your photos of Cornwall. You were obviously based quite close to where I stayed a couple of years ago so a lot of the sights you photographed and visited were places I went to. It was a wonderful holiday and your account has brought it all flooding back. Thank you for sharing.

Helsie said...

What a lovely holiday you've had. Cornwall at its lovely best... without the traffic snarls I hope?

busybusybeejay said...

When we were last in Port Isaac they were actually filming Doc Martin and Martin Clunes was there plus the other actors.It is a lovely little place and you had a superbly positioned property.

Jenny said...

Yes I've enjoyed the holiday too, lovely weather, scenery and food all captured by your photographs. Thank you, it was fun and I really must visit Cornwall myself.

Lyn said...

Cornwall is such a pretty place to visit. I have never been to Port Isaac yet though!

knittingsandwich said...

looks like the perfect way to end a perfect vacation!
(who knew piglets in the sunshine would be so cute!?!)