Monday, 11 May 2015

Preparing for Fibre East

Hello! Apologies for not appearing yesterday but I was having huge issues trying to upload photos to Flickr. It just didn't want to play nicely! Anyhow, I have managed to get some of my pictures online to share with you. 

With Fibre East just over two months away, I knew I had to get myself organised with the spinning competition. I rashly ticked 7 boxes on the entry form some months ago and put the form to one side, telling myself I had plenty of time! Of course I have done some spinning since then, but not enough! I had hoped to spin up all new yarns and then knit them, but got  distracted by sewing! So the garments I am entering are all knit from handspun from longer ago. I'm sure that'll be ok! My three skeins of handspun yarn are, from left to right, a handspun skein from prepared tops, a skein of handspun fancy yarn and a skein of multicoloured yarn to show the advantage of Navajo plying.

getting ready for Fibre East 2015 (2)

I am entering three shawls - one in fine handspun - it's not that fine, so I hope it will pass muster! The pattern is knitspot's Wandering Thyme and I added beads to it. (right)  The second is a shawl in any other weight of yarn and the pattern is another knitspot one, Les Abeilles. (left)

getting ready for Fibre East 2015 (3)

The third shawl, my Citron, is a garment incorporating colour made from handspun yarn.

getting ready for Fibre East 2015 (1)

Lastly, a cowl with cables which I hope will fit the category criteria for a garment incorporating texture, made from handspun. It's another knitspot pattern (do you spot a pattern here?!), the Carlsbad cowl

getting ready for Fibre East 2015 (5)

I just need to get the labels done and will get them in the post this week. The closing date for entries to be received is the end of May, but Mr JK and I will be in Greece then! (Hurrah!)

Besides spinning, I have been busy with the sewing machine and sewed another little bag. I love the speech bubble lining, don't you? This one is a gift, I hope the recipient likes it!

speech bubbles bag (1)

Mr JK's sock has grown; I hope to get it finished in the next couple of days so I can get its partner cast on ready for some train knitting. I think I already told you that Snoopydog and I are off to London for iKnit Fandango. I don't have anything specific that I want to buy (I know, since when has that stopped me?!!) although I am looking for a special skein for a present.

Mr JK's Stollberg sock WIP

Flo was a little under the weather last week, and I had to wash her furry igloo! (Enough said, no further details needed, eh?!) So of course, it smells 'different' and she has avoided it like the plague ever since. In an attempt to entice her back, I used the lining as a cushion when I was spinning and then put it on the floor. The lure of a cushion was too great, and she tried to get comfortable on it, eventually using it as a pillow! No sign of her using it back in the igloo yet, but hopefully this week!

Flo gets used to her cushion again (4) 

Flo gets used to her cushion again (6) 

Flo gets used to her cushion again (10)

The garden continues to bloom - those irises I showed you last week are now out in full force and look quite magnificent in the border. I wonder what will be flowering next week? See you next weekend when I'll be back to give you the low down on what Snoops and I got up to! xxx

May garden in bloom 2015 (7)


Una said...

I love following Flo's adventures. She really loves that pillow!

Lilly's Mom said...

Flo is so adorable! I just discovered your blog and I'm so impressed by your lovely yarn and knitted shawls. They are so beautiful. I wish you the very best.

Lynne said...

Good luck with Fibre East! All your entries are lovely, and the colours in the Citron are beautiful. Poor Flo, I hope she's feeling better. And I know all about cats refusing to sleep in their beds! Mine will sleep in the same bed for ages, then suddenly will refuse to go near it. I've no idea why!

snoopydog said...

Dear Flo, she looks so, so comfy! LOVE that little bag. You're becoming an expert! ;-) See you Saturday! Ros x

knittingsandwich said...

all your projects look so lovely! good luck in the competition!
flo is so sweet. love all the shots of her and her cushion.

Shiela Dixon said...

Good luck JK. It's good to see the Citron again, it was such an inspiration!

VeggieMummy said...

Such lovely makes - I especially love the colour of that last shawl and the cowl is beautiful too. Poor Flo - hope she's all better now and back loving her igloo. Have fun at the show. xx