Sunday, 14 June 2015


Although I love being away on holiday, it always feels good to get back into our daily routines. That means early morning walks in the local countryside. Both Mr JK and I have Fitbits to count our steps. I try to get at least 10,000 steps each day. Not a problem for Mr JK who does a lot of running, but I don't always manage it! But when you have views like this, it's not hard to get out of bed before 6am!

early mornin walk June 2015 (5)

early mornin walk June 2015 (4)

We enjoyed our first barbecue of the year last weekend - sausages, chicken souvlaki and veggie kebabs. We eat loads of salad at this time of the year. Not only do I have to share my olives with Mr JK now, but after our recent trip, he is now a feta convert!! Next thing I know, he'll be eating goats' cheese too!

first bbq June 2015 (2)

The day after we got home from Greece, I travelled down to London after school to meet up with a Ravelry friend, Bobbie. She and her daughter are currently travelling around Europe and it was so great to finally meet her, after being on-line friends for some years. We spent a couple of hours together, chatting over a pizza. Gifts were swapped too - Bobbie gave me a beautiful set of gradient yarns. I need to find the perfect project to show them off.

gradient yarn kit from Bobbie

I finished a pair of socks for Mr JK while we were in Greece and finally got round to taking a photo of them. The yarn came from a yarn shop in the east of Germany, near to where Mr JK's mum was born and has been sat in my stash for some time. I also finished a pair of socks for our friend Wolfgang. He loved the socks I made him after he had part of his foot amputated as they fitted him really well. I used a yarn with silk to make them soft and the fact that there's no seam makes them perfect for him. I hope to get another pair knitted before we visit them at the end of August.

Mr JK's Stollberg socks (1)

Mr JK and I went down to London for the day yesterday. It's so easy going by train. Under two hours gets you right into central London. Plenty of time to knit - I worked on my blanket squares. I am a long way off finishing this project but I aim to focus on it over the summer. It will be perfect for snuggling under this winter.

London War Horse day (13)

We spent the morning looking around the Imperial War Museum. We looked around the First World War galleries - it was so interesting and really brings home the horrors of war. In the afternoon we went to the theatre to see War Horse. I have wanted to see this play for absolutely ages and it was utterly spellbinding. Definitely the best thing I have ever seen at the theatre. The puppetry was incredible, you really didn't notice the people operating the horses, they were so realistic. 

London War Horse day (5)

London War Horse day (10)

It was a pretty dull day yesterday. We walked from the museum up towards the Thames, and before I knew it, we'd stumbled across I Knit!! It would have been rude not to go in, so while Mr JK browsed the market stalls outside, I bought a skein of yarn as a souvenir of a great day out!! It was one that I'd had my eye on at I Knit Fandango - purple and sparkly! I think a pair of socks might just be on the cards! But not before I have finished my blanket! I'm not going to cast on, ok?! xxx

War Horse souvenir


Gracey is not my name.... said...

Excellent day! I am going to Norway in July and have a 8 hour layover in London...I'm hoping I can get to visit the city forms bit....even if I just do the most touristy thing and take a double decker bus ride around....also want to stop in to a yarn store..

Helsie said...

Not going to cast on you say? That will really be a test of your resolve ! The countryside around you is very lovely, lucky you !!

Lynne said...

Lol! When you mentioned the Imperial War Museum, I was thinking that it's not too far from Iknit. Of course it would have been rude not to call in!! And the yarn you bought looks lovely - as is the graded colours yarn.