Sunday, 27 December 2015

Christmas 2015 done and dusted!

So the Big Day has come and gone for another year. I do so love the build up to Christmas, with all the traditions that we continue. I do hope your day passed by happily. I am thankful that where we live has not had the heavy rainfall and flooding that some parts of the UK have experienced. It's terrible and I cannot begin to imagine just how awful it must be. 

In the days before Christmas, I managed to get quite a bit of baking done. Chocolate brownies as a contribution for a Boxing Day lunch, some very buttery shortbread (recipe here) and a batch of Mr JK's Oma's Christmas biscuits. His aunt still makes hundreds of these each Christmas using Oma's mechanical biscuit press. They are crisp, vanilla biscuits and it is virtually impossible to only eat one!

Christmas baking (2)

Christmas baking (1)

On Christmas morning, we were up bright and early. Mr JK was running in the local parkrun and I was volunteering for the first time. Around 80 runners turned up dressed as Santas, reindeer and even a Christmas present! It was a fun way to start off the day.

Christmas Day parkrun

Flo has had an eventful Christmas! Santa brought her some of her favourite treats and I think she overindulged because yesterday saw us taking her to the vet (thankfully our vet was open for a couple of hours, despite it being Boxing Day) where cystitis was diagnosed. After two injections, she is pretty much back to her normal self, but we are going to be more strict with her treats as she doesn't drink enough to consume the quantity that she would like!

festive Flo by tree

Perhaps we won't give her any presents next year. She had quite enough fun just pouncing about on the wrapping paper, so she probably won't notice!

Flo enjoys the wrapping paper! (3)

Santa was also very generous to me. Funny how he knew that I had wished for an overlocker! I think that I am going to find it very useful. Mr JK came up trumps too with some great yarny books.

xmas gifts from Mr JK (1)

And Flo gave me some little black kitty stitch markers! Clever girl!

xmas gifts from Mr JK (2)

While Mr JK was at the gym this morning, I sewed another Christmas coaster - the Santa this time. I am really thrilled with how it turned out. If I was organised, I could make some as gifts for next Christmas! 

Christmas coasters (1)

I shall love you and leave you for now with my '2015best9' photos from Instagram. I've only been on Instagram since September but really enjoy the immediacy of this social media. You can create your own 'best9' here. If you are on Instagram, please follow me and then I can follow you back. There's a link at the top of my blog to find me. See you again very soon when I'll be looking back over 2015 and forward to 2016. xxx



VeggieMummy said...

Those Christmas biscuits look delish! Poor Flo - I've only ever had cystitis once and once was more than enough! Glad she's better now. I think your Christmas coasters will make great gifts next year and I'm very envious of your new books. Glad you had a good one. xx

Evelyn Hender said...

those brownies look amazing. Poor Flo, not a fun way to spend Christmas for any of you. Glad it's sorted out now and she's feeling better

Lynne said...

What great presents, and yey to an overlocker! I love mine. Poor Flo, I'm glad the Vets were able to help her out, and I ihope she's feeling much better.

snoopydog said...

Lots of yumminess! Glad Flo is feeling better. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday. xx