Saturday, 6 February 2016

Kali Kardia socks

I finally got round to publishing this sock pattern. I designed them whilst on holiday in Greece way back in 2014! They are named after our favourite taverna - Kali Kardia - which means 'good heart'. It's an easy to memorise textured stitch pattern, designed to show off your favourite solid or semi-solid fingering weight yarn. Thanks to one of my test knitters misreading the original pattern, it comes with two pattern options - either ribbed or chequerboard. Why not make both?! I have two pairs and Mr JK currently has one (and before you ask, Flo doesn't have any!!) The pink and blue versions are both knit using the chequerboard pattern whilst the grey pair are knit in the ribbed pattern. This pattern has lots of negative ease, so it's perfect for gifting!

Kali Kardia ribbed (6)

Kali Kardia in blue (2)

jk socks (2)

Kali Kardia ribbed (9)

Kali Kardia in blue (1)

jk socks (5)

You can download the pattern for free from here. Please let me know if you make a pair, I'd love to see them! I shall leave you with a few images of the Greek village where Kali Kardia first came into being. Enjoy! xxx

Greece 2015  (36)

Greece 2015 (58)

Greece 2015 (158)


VeggieMummy said...

I love the fact that you named the pattern after your favourite taverna. Gorgeous socks and nice and cosy for the winter. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. xx

Jenny said...

Pattern printed and ready, I love it and especially that you have made it in Mr and Mrs sizes. The socks look lovely, as you know I do like the pattern to continue down the foot. Will let you know how I progress, which is a good excuse to start immediately even though I've just cast on a jumper. Thank you xx

Evelyn Hender said...

They look fab :)

Lynne said...

I love the ribbed socks, and have just downloaded the pattern. These could be my holiday knitting for later in the year. Thanks for publishing it!