Sunday, 24 April 2016

Contact Print cushion ta dah!

I have a sewing project to share with you today. I spotted some rather lovely cushions on the Crazy Mom Quilts blog and decided to have a go at making one this weekend. I used a mini charm pack that I'd bought at a fabric shop in Petersfield last time I went down to Portsmouth and some other fabric that I had at home for the backing and in between pieces. Amanda's tutorials are very clear, and I didn't have too much trouble making it. I do need to try to get a little more accurate when sewing as my blocks don't all quite line up! But I am so happy with my first attempt at quilting. I judged the lines by eye and I don't think I made too bad a job of it! Here's a quick 'how I made it' for you.

Step 1 - sewing together the mini charm squares with the aqua blocks in between to make 5 strips.

quilted cushion wip (2)

Step 2 - joining the strips together with the aqua strips separating each row of blocks.

quilted cushion wip (1)

Step 3 - attaching a piece of quilt batting and quilting the entire piece.

quilted cushion wip (5)

quilted cushion wip (4)

Step 4 - finish off with an envelope backing. I used a pretty floral print.

quilted cushion tah dah (6)

Step 5 - admire your cushion! (There has been rather a lot of this, I must admit!) Be prepared for quite a few photos. You can also see our new garden table and chairs. I sat on one of our old chairs last weekend and it collapsed under me! (It was rotten, honest!) We picked this set up at Homebase yesterday and gave it a test this afternoon between the showers!

quilted cushion tah dah (4)

quilted cushion tah dah (5)

quilted cushion wip (3)

quilted cushion tah dah (9)

quilted cushion tah dah (7)

I am so thrilled with it, I cannot stop myself from smiling every time I look at it. So far I have managed to keep it away from Flo's clutches, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before she discovers it! She'll be putting in a request for a quilted cat bed next! I  cannot wait to make another one and want to rummage through my bag of scraps. Each little coloured block is 2.5" square, so it's perfect for using up quite small pieces. Watch this space!

My knitting has been rather limited this week because of very dry and sore hands. In fact, my hands have been catching on the wool and it's been quite painful at times. I have been using loads of hand cream to try to moisturise them, but nothing is really making a long term difference. If you have any brilliant suggestions, please let me know. See you soon! xxx


Snoopydog said...

That is 100% beautiful! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! We do need a meet up and I need to meet this cushion in person. The designs are fab and the whole overall effect is brilliant! Well done you!!!! XX

Judy said...

Darling cushion, Helen. I love everything about it. It's perfect w/your new table and chairs.

We have a product in the States called New Skin, Liquid Bandage. When my cuticles crack and catch on yarn, I use this to ease the pain and smooth over the rough edges. (The one drawback is that it turns my skin and nail an unattractive color, but better that than the pain and inability to knit!) Not sure if this would be a help w/what you are experiencing, but just wanted to mention it.

PixieFoxtrot said...

Absolutely gorgeous cushion! Well done. Quilting is on my list of "things I want to have a go at".
Is it a coincidence that you've bought new outdoor furniture, and it's gone cold and wintry?!

Andrea Hart said...

If my hands are really dry and sore I rub in Vaseline, leave for at least 5 minutes then wash.

Sally said...

Your cushion looks great! I might have to give a try to making one in this style.

For your hands, if you have some coconut oil, or even some olive oil you could rub a bit of that into your hands. I find that I need to use products that do not contain petroleum based ingredients. For commercial products, I really like Cerave, but not sure if that is a brand that is available to you?

VeggieMummy said...

I love your cushion - beautiful colours and your quilting is so neat! I have hand problems too occasionally and find that E45, Waitrose's Baby Bottom Butter or Body Shop's Hemp hand cream all help. I tend to do blanket bombing and play around with them all! Your Bistro table and chairs are gorgeous too - love that colour. Hope your hands improve soon. xx

Clicky Needles said...

I'm not surprised your gazing at your cushion, I would be too. It's beautiful. My brother the farmer, would say udder cream for your hands but I'd go for ponds cocoa butter hand cream or good old neutrogena.

Have a good week.

Jenny said...

Beautiful. 8 more please delivered to Italy - quick as you like.

Amanda Jean said...

your cushion turned out quite lovely! I'm glad that the tutorial was useful to you and that you had fun making it. It looks right at home on your new patio set! I find it difficult to line up each of the rows exactly, as well, but I always blame it on the pinked edges of the mini charm. it's hard to sew accurately with those edges, I think.

Evelyn Hender said...

wow that's turned out beautifully, lovely work :)

Lynne said...

Your cushion is brilliant! The quilting lines are so neat, and I love your new table and chairs. Re the dry hands, I can recommend a gel cream called Double Base, you get it at the pharmacy counter. It's not greasy and also great for itchy skin. If you can't get it, try Dermol Cream (not Dermol Lotion as it is a body wash).

Cherie said...

Beautiful cushion! And for hands, I find that anything with shea butter (or even just plain shea butter) works best for me (and I've tried and used LOTS of different creams).