Saturday, 16 July 2016

An unofficial rest day

The second official rest day of the Tour is next Tuesday, but I am taking mine a little early to fit in with a visit to Portsmouth (without spinning wheel.) We are here visiting my elderly aunt (99 in September) and Mr JK has managed to find a race too! This evening, when all sensible people are thinking about hunkering down on the sofa in their onesies with tea and chocolate, Mr JK will be adjusting his head torch, checking his laces are tied securely and setting off on a midnight marathon! I know, complete insanity!! The race, along part of the South Downs Way, kicks off at 9pm and I will be there to support him. Once he disappears from view, I won't see him again until he crosses the finish line some 5 hours (or so) later, so I plan to sit in the car with my torch, knitting and plenty of calories so I can carb load for moral support!! I cast on a project using the new Stylecraft Batik yarn yesterday so will be working on that.

In the meantime, I thought I would share a cushion that I sewed recently. It's a gift for a bee-loving friend. I drew out the design myself and used a bee print fabric for the panel edging and cushion back. The more free motion stitching I do, the more I enjoy it. It really is like drawing with a sewing machine. See you tomorrow when I should be back spinning! xxx

Bee cushion (5)

Bee cushion (6)

Bee cushion (7)

Bee cushion (9)

Bee cushion (10)

Bee cushion (2)

Bee cushion (3)


Ashley W said...

Helen, as a bee lover myself I have to say that your pillow is absolutely adorable!! I hope your evening knitting is productive and Mr JK's run is a success!

VeggieMummy said...

Wow, now that's supportive - sitting in a car for 5 hours whilst hubby does his marathon! Love the bee cushion; I'm sure your friend will be thrilled with it. I've never tried free motion stitching but it looks fun. Happy car sitting! xx