Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Time for a winner or two!

It's time to announce the winner(s) of my first Stylecraft Blogstars giveaway! Apologies for not posting earlier. I have been catching up with a mountainous pile of jobs that got put on hold before the end of term. Anyway, all the names were put in a hat and the first one out was Carola Willhalm. As Carola is in Germany, I'll be sending her a consolation Stylecraft cloth bag. Next out off the hat was Caz who's in the UK. Phew! So ladies, if you would like to get in touch with me by emailing me - josiekitten123 at gmail dot com (replacing words with symbols), I can get your prizes on their way to you! I wonder what you'll be buying Caz? Some of the new Batik yarn perhaps? It is very lovely and I'm working on a design right now using some of the colours. Carola, you'll have a stylish home for some of your Stylecraft yarn!

giveaway 1 (1)

Thank you to everyone who entered. There will be lots more giveaways in the future thanks to the generous folk at Stylecraft, so keep popping back won't you?! xxx

Edited to add: It's now over a month since the winners were announced, and despite the best efforts of Stylecraft via Facebook, neither person has got in touch with me to claim their prize. So I will be putting the prizes back into the pot for future giveaways. xxx

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