Saturday, 10 September 2016

First Tracks

First Tracks (15)

I am delighted to be able to share with you the first of my patterns designed especially for Head Over Heels, Stylecraft's new range of sock yarns. When I was at the Blogstars day in July and Annabelle told us that Stylecraft were going to be bringing out some sock yarns, I was excited beyond belief!! Socks are my very favourite thing to knit and I am really enjoying my ventures into sock design.

First Tracks (3)

As the colours in the range are all named after mountains, I decided to keep the mountain theme with my designs. Today, I bring you First Tracks. It's designed with the new sock knitter in mind. Having knitted a pair or two of plain vanilla socks, this easy to memorise ribbed pattern will add a little interest to a plain sock. Like the first skier leaving their marks down fresh snow, this pattern gently leads the knitter down the 'slopes' of stocking stitch to make their own marks on their knitting. Let First Tracks be your first venture into the world of patterned socks!

First Tracks (2)

Although the pattern is one size only, because it's ribbed, there is a lot of negative ease which means that it will comfortably fit a range of foot sizes. The simple two row pattern is easy to remember, making it perfect for both new sock knitters and for TV knitting or social knitting. It looks great in the self striping colours of Head Over Heels and would suit both men and women. The pattern is available to download for free from Ravelry and you can find more information here.

First Tracks (6)

I hope you like it! I can't wait to see your versions popping up on Ravelry. xxx

First Tracks (9)

Flo photobombing the sock shoot!


Sue Pinner said...

Fabulous socks Helen, wonderful sock yarn x

VeggieMummy said...

I have only knitted plain socks before, so I think these would be perfect if I'm feel a bit more adventurous. Delicious, colourful stripes too. Hugs to the feline photobomber! xx

Unknown said...

Great job. I like how you're not anal about matching socks.

Unknown said...

Can't wait to buy some of this yarn and give your pattern a go

Claire said...

They are so amazing, I love them. I will be getting the yarn and knitting the socks asap.

Unknown said...

Loving these! My yarn is ordered.... you enabler you!!!! I will have a choice of there colour ways to choose from ;-) I know, but I couldn't make up my mind! xx

Lynne said...

These are brilliant, and I love the colours in the yarn.

Angela Armstrong said...

Oh these are gorgeous. I've never made socks before but now I want to try!

knittingsandwich said...

love your pattern!!
you know, i was honestly thinking just the other day that i might be ready to knit another pair of socks after quite a long hiatus... this might just be the persuasion i need to cast on some socks!!

Pam said...

I only started knitting socks a few months ago but am truly hooked. 8 pairs finished and another on the needles. I have not tried the Stylecraft yarn yet but it is in my near future.

ThriftyMum said...

I also love knitting socks (and accumulating sock yarn.. oops!), and this is a lovely pattern that I will definitely be trying! And of course I'll need to get a ball or two of the new sock yarn, just to test it properly...!