Sunday, 4 December 2016

Getting my daily dose of fibre

I can remember last year feeling very left out when I spotted all the excitement around the Opal Advent calendar. What could be better than opening a door each day to discover a mini-ball of Opal sock yarn?! Snoopydog was equally as miffed as me that we were both missing out on this yarny fun, so when it came to sorting out birthday gifts back in the summer, I  pounced upon the idea of giving Snoops one. And of course, the saying is 'one for Snoops and one for me'! So I had to get one too. Mr JK was a little bemused by the whole thing, but I told him that if there was an Advent calendar for runners, then he'd have bought one (although it wouldn't be anywhere near so exciting in my view!)

It's a bit of a monster! It's currently sat on the worktop in the kitchen so I can open it up each morning. If you follow me on Instagram, I'm posting a daily photo or two to show each ball. I've decided to knit some 'sort of matching' socks, so knit the first ball from both ends. I did get in a bit of a tangle, but now I know roughly how many rounds I can get out of half a ball, that shouldn't be an issue again. I've also crocheted two 5 round granny squares from the ball (15g goes a long way!) with the aim of putting them together to make a cushion (unless Flo claims it as her blankie, which is quite likely!) 

It would appear from all the photos on Instagram that the calendars are filled randomly, because people all seem to have different colourways. It'll probably end up that we've all got the same ones, but not in the same order! Here are mine so far...

Flo monitored progress on the first ball (rainbow stripes) when I was knitting in bed early one morning. 

I'm not sure that I'll be able to keep up with knitting a ball a day - in fact I know I won't as I'm already three balls behind! But they will keep until the school holidays begin in less than two weeks. 

Check in again on December 8th when I'll be sharing with you my contribution to Stylecraft's Advent giveaway. xxx

ETA - I just found out that my day for the Advent giveaway has been changed and is now a day earlier - December 7th.


Snoopydog said...

Hh ha! I'm LOVING the calendar. It's sooooooo exciting each morning! xx

weavinfool said...

Oooh, I wish I had ordered one of the calendars. I'm glad you have something fun to start your day.

VeggieMummy said...

What a lovely way to start the day. I think I may have to order one of these for next year. xx

Claire said...

I am definitely going to have to get one of those for next year. That looks amazing. I also like the idea of knitting two socks together in that way. I can't quite see, did you knit them on two pairs of needles? I struggle to get started on a second sock so that seems like the best way of tackling them.