Sunday, 26 February 2017

Colour Tuck Cushion

I designed this cushion way back at the end of last summer. Along with a couple of other (as yet unpublished) patterns, it was going to feature in the Stylecraft Blogtour in October 2016 when new colours in the Stylecraft Special Aran yarn range were being launched. As you know, my life was turned upside down in October when Mr JK died suddenly, and it's taken me until now to get the first of the patterns written up properly. I love cushions! Mr JK once asked me if it was possible to have too many cushions, but I don't think it is!! For me, they are a symbol of cosiness and comfort, making a house into a home. 

This cushion features an easy tucked stitch pattern to give an interesting 3-d effect to the colour stripes. I love this 'touchy-feely' aspect of the cushion, don't you?

I also decided to combine my love of knitting with my latest hobby of sewing and made an envelope backing using some pretty coordinating vintage fabric. I love the chunkiness of the knitting against the delicate floral backing. There are instructions with photos to help you with the envelope backing in the pattern if you'd like to have a go yourself.

It won't come as any surprise to you that Flo assisted me in the blocking of the cushion front. She can be a complete pest to be honest and I was more concerned about her getting a pin in her than anything else! 

There are endless possibilities with this cushion. I'm planning on knitting one in the round next with those tucked stripes going all the way up the front and back. If you don't fancy sewing the cushion together, you could very easily knit two rectangles to create a similar overlap. I'd probably do some 2 by 2 ribbing at the top edge of each to make sure that the opening doesn't gape too much. If I knit a version, I'll add the details to the pattern. Meanwhile, you can download the pattern free from Ravelry here. I'll leave you for now with a few more photos, taken last week on a gloriously sunny afternoon. xxx

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AnnickS said...

What a fantastic cushion and decoration Helen! Spring is in the air!!!
And the cat(s)ting is perfect ;-D
Have a good knitting week!
Annick xx

VeggieMummy said...

I love the cushion but fear that R doesn't see the point of them either and enjoys a bit of cushion flinging every time he sits down! Gorgeous photos of Flo helping with the blocking! xx

PixieFoxtrot said...

Hi Helen, what a beautiful cushion: the 3D effect is so stunning. I agree that you can't have too many cushions.

Lynne said...

I love this idea of a knitted front, and fabric back. It just makes sense! Also, Flo is so funny!

janerow said...

Love the cushion and Flo has obviously given it her seal of approval.
I thought I might make a cushion to go with a blanket I have crocheted and have made a granny square and was just waiting to take the plunge sewing a backing now I have seen your cushion it has given me the kick I needed.
Thank you.


Judy said...

Love this cushion, Helen. That is such a neat technique and one that wasn't familiar to me. Your fabric backing couldn't be more perfect. (Have you ever sewn, knit, crocheted anything that Flo hasn't claimed for her own?)

Charlotte Parfitt said...

No project is complete without the cats seal of approval ;) my cat does the same thing! I wonder what their attraction to yarn is? Lovely cushion!

Claire said...

Love that cushion, it is so simple yet so pretty. Flo is such a lovely looking cat and looks so relaxed and at home 'guarding' your knitting.

TT in MD said...

i live this - and Flo is adorable! torre

Jenny said...

Pest? I see no pest just a beautiful cushion and an even more beautiful assistant.