Sunday, 26 March 2017

Midnight companion update

Hello there, I hope you've been enjoying the sunshine this weekend.  It's been beautiful here - blue skies and warm sun. Flo and I went and sat on the bench at the bottom of the garden and she had her first brush of the year. Mr JK was always her preferred groomer, but it appears that I will do too! The garden has suddenly sprung into life which is rather daunting. It was definitely Mr JK's domain and whilst I like the garden to look nice, I don't especially want to spend a lot of my time working in it. I'd prefer to be doing crafty things. 

Flo loves being outside if there's human company - she soaks up the sun on the warm paving stones and dashes around, hurling herself up the trees! And then all the activity becomes too much and she flakes out!

I thought I'd share the progress on my Midnight Companion blanket with you. It's grown rather a lot over recent weeks, which is a reflection of my completely rubbish sleeping still. I started the blanket off very soon after Mr JK died and I was lying awake for hours on end. I needed a mindless project that was soothing to work on and a Granny Square blanket fit the bill perfectly. I had a blanket's worth of Stylecraft Special DK that I'd picked out at Ally Pally a couple of years back, so used that, completely at random, to make large Granny Squares with 19 rounds. I used Attic24's joining as you go method for the 20th round, and did this round in the same colour - Parchment - to link them all together. Now all the squares are done and the border is underway. I've had assistance from Flo on more than one occasion this week. 

And the cheeky madam even sniffed it out during the day. The fact that it's unfinished clearly didn't faze her! (Oh those ends, don't look!!)

I'm planning on a fairly deep border using Parchment with perhaps a scalloped final round. What do you think? I'm open to suggestions as I do have enough of some of the colours to go round the edge in double crochet.

I still have all the ends to deal with so if anyone can recommend a good tutorial for weaving in ends on Granny Square blankets, please tell me. I've not been satisfied by how neatly I can hide them in previous blankets I've made.

Thank you for all the sock love by the way. I put the pattern on my Ravery page and was very excited to see it climb into the top 30 'hot right now' patterns (albeit briefly!) over the weekend. There's still time to enter my giveaway to win Stylecraft vouchers to buy yarn here and my Paying it Forward giveaway is still open too - check it out here.

One more week of school before the Easter holidays. I have a few things planned and I also want to spend some time sorting things out at home. Fingers crossed that we see some sunshine! xxx


Helsie said...

Wish I could master the join as you go method! I've just given up and am sewing my rainbow rug together.

janerow said...

What lovely weather over the weekend so nice to sit outside love the pictures of Flo.
Your blanket looks great I hate too have lots of ends to sew in so I make a huge granny square using Stylecrafts Merry round DK which has lovely random colours then I sew the ends in as I go but just sewing neatly in one of the trebles at the back.
One more week to go at school but as I am assistant caretaker at an infant and nursery I will be going in to paint some of the wooden play equipment and seats.
Will leave time for doing my blanket though.
Hope you have good week.


VeggieMummy said...

I love the photos of Flo sunbathing! Your blanket is gorgeous and I also love the stained glass hanging from the tree; so beautiful. Here's to more sunny weather. xx

DebbyMc said...

I love your blanket, Helen! Flo is such a sweetheart ❤

Claire said...

That is such a lovely blanket. I find sewing in ends quite soothing to be honest and I tend to weave them into the bottom of the stitches, pull tight and snip off then tug the work straight so the cut ends disappear into the work.

My mum bought me a wonderful book called Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman and there are some amazing borders in there. Well worth a look.

Your garden is looking lovely and so is Flo.

Best wishes to you both

Jenny said...

When I read your post title I thought you and Flo must have been having sleepless nights, very glad that's not the case. End stitching sympathy, awful job. I just have to make myself just get on with it, be worth the effort and you owe it to Flo to do a proper job.

Lynne said...

Your garden and your blanket are both looking fab. I really love the colours in the blanket, and maybe Flo will lend a paw with sewing in the ends! I've been a bit behind with my blog reading, and have just read your post about your sock pattern. Congratulations! You clever thing, those socks are brilliant, and I love the yarn too. The Etna colour caught my eye, so I am about to google it...

Snoopydog said...

The blanket is looking really lovely! The colours are just gorgeous together. Looking forward to a seeing you on Tuesday! Ros x

Hayley said...

Oh your blanket is lovely! I've not made anything that big yet (although I do have 2 blankets in progress!) I do love to sit out in the warm spring sunshine, it's good to boost our vitamin D - not been able to up here yet but hoping this weekend may allow :)
Mr Weasley cat manages to sit on every project I make, regardless of size and I have even caught him snoozing in my project bag on more than one occasion (I now have a zipped bag which he doesn't approve of)
Good luck with the end sewing - I can't bear it either!