Monday, 10 July 2017

Blossom and Yarn 2017

I can't believe it's two years since the first Blossom and Yarn festival. You can read all about Blossom and Yarn 2015 here. This year, the theme of the festival was The Creation '7 Days and Beyond' with each of 6 churches in the Wayland Benefice taking on a day in the Creation and interpreting it in their own way. The artistic director, Lois Gill, has obviously worked tirelessly since 2015 with a team of knitters and other volunteers, both local from further afield, to produce not only thousands of knitted squares, but also flowers, birds, fish and much, much more. It was great to read that lots of the squares from the 2015 festival had been recycled for this year's event. So sit back and be prepared to be amazed by this wonderful interpretation of the Creation of our world. I make no apologies for the photo-heavy post - I took more than 200 photos and it was very hard to pick just a few!

St Margaret's, Breckles - Night and Day

Here, the church tried to capture the feeling of total blackness as the Earth was formed and Day and Night were created. Black arches lead to light and a host of angels at the altar. 

SS Peter and Paul's Church, Griston - the formation of Land and Sea

The mesmerising sound of waves gently lapping on the shore greeted you as you entered the church, with a stunning 'wall' of sea, as well as plenty of lush plants and flowers. The oak tree at the altar was amazing, as were the beautiful clumps of foxgloves and other flowers.

St Martin's, Thompson - Light and the passing of the Seasons

Unfortunately, the church had to remain closed because of extensive renovation and repair that is underway, so visitors had to stay outside the church. They were able to walk through four seasonal arches and enter the porch where the sun, moon and stars were in evidence. Visitors were also able to stop and browse at the Blossom and Yarn Market Place as well as enjoy a cup of tea and cake. (Actually, you could do this at each venue, but I showed restraint and only had one slice here!) The church is in a beautiful setting as you can see from the first photo.

Holy Trinity, Great Hockham - the creatures of the oceans and the birds of the air

As people entered the church, there were lots of gasps and oohs and aahs because it was quite breathtaking. Shoals of fish swam around pillars, jelly fish were dangling by the organ, the pews were full of coral and seaweed and the altar was a cacophony of birdsong. 

St Botolph's, Stow Bedon - the animals of Earth

There was an incredible range of animals all around the church, from the tiniest harvest mouse to the mighty elephant with a wonderful focus on British farm animals in one corner of the church. Koala bears, sheep, moles, snakes - this church had pretty much every animal you could think of!

Holy Cross, Caston - The Garden of Eden

There was a real sense of peace and tranquillity as you walked around this church. Fruits and flowers were abundant, and Adam and Eve were keeping an eye on things. I resisted the temptation to peep under Adam's fig leaf, although giggles from a group of ladies lead me to believe that he was anatomically correct! 

The festival is still on today so if you're around in west Norfolk, please go and take a look. I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time. And I''m already wondering what the theme for Blossom and Yarn 2019 will be, aren't you?! xxx


busybusybeejay said...

That is amazing.Mind blowing.How many people were involved in the making and what happens to it all afterwards.Although I live in North Wales I am going to put it in my diary for 2019 and visit.Thanks for sharing.

CAN I said...

Thank you immensely for sharing such an awesome event! What a joyful expression of our creative nature...a direct blessing from the Father, and used here so eloquently to illustrate creation. Wow...

Judy said...

Thank you, Helen, for sharing your photos. What an incredible amount of work w/amazing results! Even from this distance, it is fun to see the creativity of the many hands involved!

Suzi Barnes said...

Wow! That must have been so fun to see in person.

VeggieMummy said...

Goodness, what an incredible amount of work went into that festival. I love all the animals and fish. What a pity that Norfolk is so far away from me, otherwise I'd be there like a shot. Thank you for sharing your photos. xx

Lynne said...

Wowsers!! This is amazing! It's staggering to think of how many hours it must have taken to create all these pieces.

Shiela Dixon said...

What an amazing thing. I remember the pictures from 2015 and this year is even better.

I'm so frustrated because I'll be in Norfolk for a few days shortly, spending some time at the Kings Lynn festival. How good it would have been to combine the two. Why do they leave it up for such a short time after so much work?!

But thank you so much for posting so many pictures. Very impressive work and so delightful.