Saturday, 22 July 2017

Tour de Fleece day 22

I decided to go with the punis as they intrigued me! I've never spun one before so I googled how to do it and the general advice was to treat it like a roving and draft it out a little before spinning. I have four punis so I am going to spin each one fine and then ply all four together to make a gloriously colourful skein of yarn. The colours are so, so pretty.

Here's how it's looking so far - ignore the blue as that's just the leader peeping through. It reminds me a bit of a sunset at the moment. Tomorrow is the last day of the Tour de Fleece, but I'm hoping to keep spinning a little more regularly over the holidays. (I know, I say that every year, don't I?!) But I will definitely get this all spun up and share it with you over the coming days. xxx


Claire said...

Very beautiful. Any plans for what you are going to make with this one?

harada57 said...