Friday, 7 July 2017

Tour de Fleece day 7

First batt finished today and I made a start on the second one too. Little flecks of colour are reappearing in the yarn and this batt has less white and lots more blue in it, so the spinning will be quite colourful over the coming days. Flo hopped onto the chair as soon as I'd finished - it's always the same. She never sits on the dining chairs unless someone else is! Contrary cat! xxx


CAN I said...

The best chair is the warm one someone just got out of! My gray kitty still has not leaned sitting in a gray chair in a dimly lit room is simply ASKING to get sat upon, but if it is one I just got out of, it's the only one he wants in to. Very nice progress

VeggieMummy said...

That bottom photo looks so cosy and homely. xx