Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Granny Square Day 2017

A very quick post to remind you all that today is Granny Square Day! Over on Instagram, suregal27 is organising things and if you post a photo of your granny square and tag it with #grannysquare2017, then it will be included in a beautiful virtual granny square blanket. There's something so comforting about granny squares to me. Perhaps it's because granny squares were how I learnt to crochet, so it takes me back to my childhood, sitting with my next door neighbour Gladys, who had the patience to teach an 8 year old josiekitten how to crochet. There is certainly something very rhythmical and soothing about crochet. It was the craft that I reached out to soon after Mr JK died last year and I was laying awake for hours on end. And you just have to smile when you look at a granny square blanket with its riot of colour.

My granny squares are the ones I'm hooking for a cushion cover, made from the Opal Advent calendar mini balls, so the colour changes are a little more haphazard than on traditional granny squares. But it's the taking part that's important!

This time last year, I was hooking my granny square on our favourite Greek beach and getting lots of funny looks from people as I got Mr JK to take a photo of me! Happy days. xxx

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VeggieMummy said...

I'm so glad that you have such lovely memories of holidays with Mr. JK. I've ordered the Opal Advent Calendar for this year, so will have to think of something to make with them - granny squares or maybe scrappy socks? Happy Granny Square Day. xx