Tuesday, 2 January 2018

A year of paying kindness forward comes to an end

My year of paying forward a little of the kindness I received from the woolly community has come to a close. After Mr JK died, I received so many thoughtful gifts from people, some a big group collaboration and others individual gifts from online 'bloggy' friends. It was incredibly touching to be thought of by so many people and the gifts were very generous and heart-warming. Each month of 2017 I had a giveaway on my blog. Here's a little reminder of all those goodies...













The random number generator picked comment 28 for December's prize so many congratulations to Christi. I'll be getting in touch with you very soon to get your details so I can send your prize to you! Thank you so, so much if you've entered one of my giveaways during 2017. I had a lot of fun finding little treats to give away and I'm sure there will be more in 2018. xxx


Jenny said...

How sweet of you to give so much back, hopefully you have a bit more space in your stash department for 2018 purchases as your reward. Happy New Year to you and Flo.

Suzi Barnes said...

Happy and Healthy New Year Helen and Flo!! As the lucky recipient of the month of May, thank you for my prize. I enjoy reading your blog.

Helsie said...

I'm sure that organising all these lovely give-aways has given you lots to think about and helped you through your tough year too. Great idea !

VeggieMummy said...

So many beautiful giveaways; you had a very generous 2017. Happy New Year to you and Flo. xx

Christine65 said...

It was such a lovely surprise to be picked to receive the fibre. I haven't spun it up (yet) but each time I come across it in my fibre stash, I think of you and your kindness. I hope 2018 is especially kind to you :)

MelindaJ said...

It was such a lovely surprise to be chosen for the September give-away. I think it will become a lacey shawl, probably in crochet like the one Crafternoon Treats has been showing on her podcasts recently. Thank you again. And Happy New Year!

TT in MD said...

happy new year Helen and Flo! i sure admire your grace, strength, and kind heart during this time after Mr JK died. i love how you talk with him by his tree. may happy nemories continue on!