Sunday, 23 September 2018

Playing hooky and other nice things

I'm making great progress on my Attic24 Harmony blanket. The second strip is now complete and joined to strip one. I tried a different approach with the ends this time and sewed them in as I completed a round. I found this more motivating so I wasn't left with all the ends when I'd finished a square so I'll be adopting this method for the rest of my squares. 

Flo wasn't impressed with strip 1 - not wide enough to be a blankie yet!

But she is testing out the squishability of the blanket at regular intervals!

Still unimpressed by two strips! That cat is hard to please sometimes!

As well as working on this blanket, I've cast on a pair of socks in West Yorkshire Spinners yarn; it's their Marie Curie colourway and I'm hoping to knit a couple of pairs for an Instagram friend who is a doctor at a Marie Curie hospice. Last year she managed to get enough socks so that every single patient in a Marie Curie hospice received a pair of socks for Christmas. What an amazing lady. 

I've had a couple of Happy Post days over the past fortnight too. My fellow Blogstar and friend Heather, aka The Patchwork Heart, very kindly sent me one of her gorgeous hot water bottles to snuggle with. I love it and it's already been put to use as we've had a couple of rather chilly days recently. If you'd like one of your own, Heather often has them for sale in her Etsy shop

I also received a lovely parcel from an Instagram friend, Busy Pottering, who also has an Etsy shop selling her project bags. She sent me the most perfect black cat bag to bring me luck during my hospital visits as well as some stitch markers which she chose especially for me. I love the extra detail of the bell sewn on the bag. I will jingle my way around hospital!  I feel very spoiled to have such kind friends. 

The next two or three weeks are full of hospital appointments and then I should know more about what's going on. I have been so impressed by our wonderful NHS and all the doctors and nurses I've met so far. They have all been so nice and caring, and I can't say enough good things about them. 

Don't forget that there is still time to enter my giveaway to win a ball of Stylecraft Head over Heels All Stars yarn in my colourway, Woldgate, along with my new pattern Tiptoe. You can find the details here. Have a good week. xxx


VeggieMummy said...

I love the photo of Flo's little kitty paw testing out the squishability! I wonder how many rows you will need before it is deemed acceptable?! Love that Marie Curie colourway too. xx

weavinfool said...

Oh Flo, you persnickety girl. First you photobmbed the last post by sneaking in your tail and now you are the quality control supervisor. Is it soft enough? Long enough? Wide enough? Will it show your fur off to best advantage?
Cut your mum some slack. You know your mum isn’t feeling tip-top so it is your job to give her extra snuggles and love and never ever make a litter box mistake. You know how much the Tall Ones hate that.
You do look wonderful in all your poses on her knitting/crochet bag, but your fur may not show very much on the black fabric. Remember always, dark fur goes on light fabric and light fur goes on dark fabric.
Do your best black cat voodoo to help your mum feel better. It’s a big job, but you need to do your best. When Mr. JK died you did your best, and now it’s time to ‘up your game’ again. People are worried about her so we’re counting on you.
P.S. I think you are cute, purr, purr.

weavinfool said...

By the way, I love the blanket. Best wishes for your test results to be the best possible. We’re rooting for both you and Flo.

Lynne said...

Ha Ha Ha!!! Flo is so funny! Good luck with your blanket, I'm enjoying watching the progress.