Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Another week of wellbeing

Another week of being kind to myself and enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

*** Monday ***

I sewed an Advent calendar for my friend Julia using a pre-printed panel. I love the little animals, it's a really sweet design. I filled each pocket with sweet treats. I think Benny is hoping that I've put a doggy treat in for him too! (I haven't!!)

*** Tuesday ***

I finished my Marie Curie socks and posted them to Sarah; she is a doctor working at a Marie Curie hospice and her goal was to have enough socks to be able to give a pair to each patient. I knit lots of positive thoughts into every stitch.

*** Wednesday ***

A lazy sofa day with a cup of tea, chocolate, my Kindle and candles. 

*** Thursday ***

I won another competition on Instagram and my prize arrived. Two mugs and two tea towels from a new homeware range of one of my favourite authors, Katie Fforde. Oh, and a signed bookmark too, dedicated to me! I discovered Katie's books way back in 1994 and have enjoyed them ever since. 

*** Friday ***

Helping my friend Julia to sew cosmetics bags as Christmas presents. It's so much fun being able to share a love of creativity with someone and to be able to pass on skills. She's done a fabulous job!

*** Saturday ***

Setting myself two challenges for Advent - another Attic24 blanket, this time Hydrangea, as well as a cardigan designed by Joji Locatelli - Madewell - using mini balls of yarn from last year's Opal Advent calendar. I still have a bit of gift knitting to do too, so it's probably a totally bonkers idea to have, but all these things add some structure to my day.

*** Sunday ***

My darling cat Flo is never far from my side. Either curled up on my lap, or snoozing on the back of the sofa, she discovered a new sleeping spot today. I ordered a pack of yarn ready for the Attic24 Sweet Pea blanket CAL which starts in January. Flo is taking possession already by sleeping on the yarn!! So I have no hope - fingers crossed she will share it with me!

I hope you've had a good week too. Let me know what little things have warmed your heart. xxx


VeggieMummy said...

So many lovely things. Your advent calendar is fabulous - maybe Flo would like a kitty treat one! The Madewell cardigan is in my Ravelry queue; one day ........ I love your new mugs - I enjoy Katie Fford books, but didn't know that she did homeware too. I'm making a cosy memory blanket with my advent yarn - it may take me a while! xx

Lynne said...

Ooo!! I love the advent calendar, and little bags.

Jenny said...

You are so productive and such lovely things. Just being here in the penthouse has made me very happy this week, particularly since I gave it a good tidy up and bought some flowers. Home.

Christi said...

It sounds like you had a very good week and got many things accomplished, I especially like the Advent calendar and the mugs you won are very whimsical and lovely! I hope you are starting to feel better.

Kim from Canada xxx