Wednesday, 24 June 2020


I've just finished knitting a sock. Nothing unusual in that I know. The only thing is, this sock isn't on my Challenge 9 for June, and the yarn I'm using I wasn't meant to buy until I'd finished all 9 challenges! Oops! That's just the way it goes at times. You have to follow your knitting urges, at least that's what I'm telling myself! 

I've joined Ellie's group, Craft House Magic, over on Ravelry. There's a Summer Sockalong going on and I wanted to join in. I couldn't use my Over the Rainbow socks (which are on my Challenge 9 list) because I'd already knitted too much of them before the KAL started. I have been wanting to try my Inverse Striations socks using two more solid colours, so I bought a couple of skeins from Ellie in a purpley-blue colour, Babooshka, and a buttery yellow, Build me up Buttercup. Well, the yarn arrived and it was gorgeous!

Those skeins were just calling out to be wound, it would have been rude not to! And before long I had two lovely plump yarn  cakes sitting there.

You can guess what happened next, can't you? The yarn cakes begged to be cast on! How could I disappoint them? That would have been just plain cruel!

It's a very addictive pattern - you want to keep on knitting one more repeat to see the pattern grow. Before I knew it, the first sock was done!

Its partner will be knit with the colours the other way round, with a yellow cuff, heel and toe. I haven't cast it on yet - but there's still time this evening and it would make the perfect knitting companion for watching the final of the Great British Sewing Bee. If you'd like to knit your own pair of Inverse Striations socks, you can buy the pattern here from my Ravelry store. £1 from each pattern sale is being donated to Myositis UK. Happy Knitting! xxx


VeggieMummy said...

Gorgeous yarn and a gorgeous pattern. I'm so looking forward to knitting a pair of woolly socks - I'm currently knitting my daughter a pair out of yarn from the bark of a eucalyptus tree (she's rather a strict vegan). I hate knitting with the stuff; it's not at all satisfying. An inverse pair of socks sounds such fun. xx

DebbyMc said...

Hi, Helen! I get such good ideas from you! I'm working on the Safari soft book for my baby grandson right now, and I'm going to get this sock pattern to make for his mama! I do enjoy your sick patterns. I love the idea of reversing the two colors. Was just thinking about you yesterday. And Flo! We're buzzing over at 3 Bags Full forum, we've started MKAL shawl. And Kat and KimKimKim are back! Stop by! We'd all love to see you ❤️

DebbyMc said...

They should say SOCK patterns, not sick patterns! Auto correct, sigh.

Jennyff said...

The pandemic has taught us to enjoy the moment, of course you had to cast on those lovely socks. Seize the yarn is your motto from now on.