Tuesday, 26 August 2008

My first post!

Well, I have been promising myself that I will start a blog all summer long, and it has got to the last week of the summer holidays, with school looming, before I have done anything about it! I seem to be very good at spending lots of time reading other people's blogs, looking at Ravelry and Angel Yarns, and generally amusing myself with all things woolly! However, at least things are up and running (or sort of!), even if I can't work out yet how to add all the things to the blog that I want to!


Tilly said...

I recently started a blog so I know exactly how you feel!

Cinders said...

good luck with your blgo. its good fun

Susan @ Damn, Knit & Blast It said...

Good to see you in Blogland!

I'm looking forward to seeing all your WIPs and FOs!