Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Dublin Bay Socks

I cast on some Dublin Bay socks last night using August's Sock Club Yarn from the Natural Dye Studio. It's Nino yarn, 100% merino wool, and the colourway was inspired by locally growing flowers and herbs.

This is how they are looking so far. The yarn is lovely. I treated myself to a 3 month membership of the Natural Dye Studio Sock Club, and this is the 2nd lot of yarn I have received. I will probably renew my membership for another 3 months, and then maybe try another sock club.

Because I have had problems with patterned socks and sizing before (I had to frog my Jaywalkers and Monkeys!), I am using the stitch pattern of the Dublin Bay socks with my bog-standard know-it-will-fit-me Violet Green sock generator pattern. I might try and do a different heel - I will have to see how the mood takes me when I actually get to that point!

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