Thursday, 28 August 2008

Squishy Parcels!

I have to confess to having been a little bit naughty and self-indulgent this week! I ordered some yarn from WildFireFibres. It was so hard to choose, but eventually I limited myself to 4 skeins of sock yarn! Vikki's service was excellent and the postie came this morning. He somehow managed to get the parcel through the catflap. I'm not entirely sure how, as the cats need a magnet on their collar to get in! Maybe it's essential part of a postie's kit, a magnet?! Anyway, I opened the parcel and found these four delicious skeins inside.

They are, from left to right, Fresh Berries (80% merino wool and 20% bamboo), Wild Flowers (80% merino wool and 20% bamboo), Cairngorm (90% alpaca and 10% nylon) and Holly (90% alpaca and 10% nylon). They are all absolutely gorgeous, the colours are stunning. I'm not sure yet quite what sort of socks they will become. At the moment, the yarn is sat on my desk, within fondling distance, but will be removed later today and added to my stash. I'm not yet prepared to admit just how large my stash of sock yarn is, but if I say that in my next life, I'm coming back as a millipede, that might give you some clue!

And as if one squishy parcel wasn't enough, the postie also managed to get another one through the letter box! This time, a parcel from Angel Yarns. I ordered some Opal sock yarn to make a pair of Tiger Feet socks for Norm, my Canadian cousin. His house is full of animal skins from all his travels, so I thought it would be fun to make him some socks to blend in! And also in the parcel, as I was ordering one ball, I thought, well - may as well make the most of this postage I'm paying here, I ordered some Kaalund Enchante silk yarn in Guava. I used this yarn to make a scarf for my secret swap partner on Angel Yarns earlier in the year, and loved it. And it was in the sale, so it was a bargain really! You'll be able to see all these yarns in my stash on Ravelry, just as soon as I work out how to put a link in!

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