Saturday, 20 September 2008

Autumn Show - huh!

Mr Josiekitten and I entered the local horticultural society Autumn show today, with mixed results. Mr JK triumphed with two 1sts for his spuds and beetroot! I was not so successful however with the 'handicrafts' section. I entered my Noro Silk Garden Wavy Scarf and was placed 3rd........................ out of 3 entries! The 1st and 2nd places were given to two baby cardigans, both plain stocking stitch, in what looked and felt suspiciously like acrylic! I shall try again next year, and my motto will be 'She who expects nothing is rarely disappointed!'


Kate said...

Well, *I* think your scarf is really pretty. :-)

I've never entered any of these shows, so not sure if this is possible, but are you able to see what the judging guidelines are? Maybe the cardigans were placed higher because they involved shaping or something. And unless the judges were knitters, they probably wouldn't know lovely wool from acrylic even if it bit them on the bum. ;-)

blog-blethers said...

oooh I think you were robbed! Your scarf is beautiful and I officially call for a re-count;o)