Sunday, 28 June 2009

Lazing on a Sunday afternoon

It's been a strange weekend weather-wise here on the North Norfolk coast. Sea mists have been swirling in for much of the time. But it brightened up on Sunday afternoon and the sun shone, so I took the opportunity to take a few photos of some of the flowers. Most of the garden is devoted to Mr Josiekitten's veggie patch, but there are a couple of beds for flowers, and loads of pots too!

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

The catmint was quivering with bees, and Henrycat went to investigate. He sniffed it, he munched it, he squished it, he sat on it! He was in pussycat heaven!

Catmint ecstasy

It was all a bit much for him, and he spent the rest of the afternoon stretched out on the decking with a smile on his face!


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snoopydog said...

Just messed up my computer screen with fingerprints ......couldn't resist giving Henry's tummy an 'on-screen' rub!! The flowers look fabulous.