Monday, 6 July 2009

An odd pair of socks

I thought that I'd better bring you up to date with my sock knitting. I've finished a 'pair' of socks this week, but they don't go together! I've knit one from each of my current pairs. Firstly, my Spinning Around socks using the Zauberball yarn. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this yarn. I love the colours, but am not so keen on the splitty nature of it, or the unspun bits. I had a couple of big tangles whilst knitting. The way that the ball is wound - in colour chunks - looks lovely, but can be a real pain if you're not paying attention to what's going on in your knitting bag! A whole section of one colour came off the ball, and got in a huge knot! And becaues the yarn has a bit of a halo on it, I ended up with a big tangled mess. The only way to sort it was to bring out the scissors! So I'll be on the lookout when I'm knitting sock 2.

Spinning Around WIP 001 (2)

The other sock in the 'pair' is the first of Wolfgang's stripy Kaffe Fassett socks. I never tire of knitting simple plain vanilla socks, especially when there's a pattern in the yarn. The colours in this sock are really earthy. Mr Josiekitten (he of the 'only ever wears black socks' fame) was even heard to mention that he liked the colours and would wear a pair of socks knitted in said yarn!

Wolfgang's Stripy Sock WIP

Finally, a glimpse of my Noro Silk Garden reknit. Remember my frogged Sea Breeze cardigan? Well, I'm reknitting it as Lizzy, another Jane Ellison design. It's a simple cardigan with frills round the cuffs and up the fronts. Doesn't sound simple when I describe it like that, but it is, honest! I haven't got very far with it yet as you can see!

Noro Lizzy WIP

It's only two weeks now until the end of term, and I can't wait! I'm busy compiling a 'short-list' of holiday projects, and I think I've reached 20 already!!! I'll let you know what's in the offing next time.


Viknits said...

Oh I LOVE your Zauberball socks! The colours are really wonderful. I have the black and white colourway, and will be carefull with it for knotting thanks to your adivce! I love your Kaffe Fasset sock too - I used the same colourway on plain socks and liked it more than I though I would!

Jenny said...

Lovely socks, I'd never knit one and start another without completing the pair but I envy anyone who can do that. The yarns are so gorgeous and I really like the spinning pattern. Can't wait to see all the other projects you have lined up.

snoopydog said...

Love the socks josiekitten, especially the Zauberball. It 's a great patter for the yarn. I'll have to give it a go I think! Love the Noro colours too. Looking forward to a couple of knitting days together over the summer hols!!!!