Sunday, 7 June 2009


Mr Josiekitten and I went to Pensthorpe yesterday. It's where the BBC are currently filming their Springwatch programmes, and is a stone's throw away from where we live on the North Norfolk coast. They were holding a Gardening, Craft and Food Fair, and since Mr Josiekitten is a keen gardener, I have the crafts covered and we both like eating, it seemed to tick all the boxes! It was a great day out. Pensthorpe is a really beautiful place, and we both came away agreeing that we need to visit more often.


Whilst there, I snuck around the back to take another look at the sheep, only to come across BBC's very own Chris Packham being given a private mini-tour! He was introduced to Nobby the Norfolk Horn, Belinda the Bluefaced Leicester, Susie the Southdown and Dougal the Scottish Blackface amongst others.

Chris Packham meets some sheep

My June sock is progressing now after a couple of false starts. I usually cast on 68 stitches for a plain sock, and this pattern uses 60 with a 6 stitch pattern repeat. So I tried 72 stitches first - way too big. So then I tried 66 - still too big, plus the yarn pooled terribly. So I'm sticking with the number of stitches as per the pattern, and it seems ok. Take a look ....

June Daydreamer socks v3 WIP 001

I wasn't allowed to get much knitting done last night, as you can see! Henrycat decided that his needs were far greater, and just wouldn't take no for an answer! Hopefully I'll get on better today!

henrycat helps knit 004


snoopydog said...

Love the June socks so far. Very pretty! Dear old Henry....he is just reminding you that he is more important!!!!! Still not happy with the pattern chosen for my June's. Have frogged on two (one because of pooling), but really wanted a prettier pattern. Can't afford any more 'looking ' time though. LOL. X

Kate said...

*squees at tiny duckling*

My cat tries that position as well. Depends how generous I'm feeling as to whether she gets away with it. There's less and less room on my lap these days, though, so knitting plus cat plus bump is getting too uncomfortable, sadly for her. ;-)