Thursday, 11 June 2009

Yummy yarn alert!

I've discovered some new yarn, and feel it my knitterly duty to tell you all about it! Just call me your friendly enabler! I was on the search for a birthday present for a good knitting pal (can't say any more than that as no doubt she'll be reading this!), and I came across Laughing Yaffle. The sock yarns are beautiful, and in a choice of dark, bright, light and same shades. You'll be spolit for choice! I ended up with a skein of Watermelon, beautifully packaged with accompanying sequins!

Laughing Yaffle stash 001

Alison's customer service is second to none - speedy delivery, and friendly communication too! As well as yarn, Alison makes gorgeous sock project bags and needle cases, and sells a whole range of other knitting goodies. So what are you waiting for? Get over there now, and take a look!

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snoopydog said...

Oh my God!!!!! That's gorgeous. Must get over there now! You have a very lucky friend if she...or he LOL, receives such fab knitterly things from you. Have a great weekend. XX