Saturday, 9 January 2010

A little touch of colour

Hello! It's still cold and snowy here in Norfolk, and quite frankly, I'm getting a bit fed up with it. The snow is a bit like having visitors to stay - you love it at first, but that feeling soon changes if they outstay their welcome! And despite most of the county having two 'snow' days, with schools closed, my school remained open, so I had to battle in, knowing that my good pal Snoopydog was at home, knitting!!! She's even blogged about it, just to rub salt into the wound!!

yet more snow jan 2010 004

Undeterred by the bitter winds coming from the Baltic states, Mr Josiekitten and I donned all our woollies and set off down to the town to pick up a few bits and pieces for the weekend. The sea was much rougher than last weekend, and we decided against a beach walk - it really was freezing cold!

yet more snow jan 2010 009

I popped into my LYS to pick up a couple of balls of yarn for a 'must-do' project. I've just started a pair of wrist warmers, after seeing a completed pair on the Phoenix Knitting Forums. The pattern is called Rose's Wrist Warmers, and looks lovely. The cables are making the knitting quite slow, so I won't post a photo until I've done a little more.

I've just finished a little project-ette, taking inspiration once again from Lucy at Attic24. I've made a Teeny Tiny Flower Posy brooch, using oddments of Rowan yarn left over from the Debbie Abrahams workshop. I'm not usually a broochy type of person, but loved this, and shall wear it on my jackets to bring a little touch of colour to the dull winter days.

teeny tiny flower brooch (2)

Cute, isn't it? Here's a closer look at my little crocheted posy. Lucy's instructions are so detailed, with lots of photos to help.

teeny tiny flower brooch (5)

My new buttons have come in very handy! Oh yes, I promised to show you my new button box. It came from John Lewis a couple of years ago, and was a Christmas gift from Mr JK. Inside the tin were a matching mug and coaster.

new button tin 003

My new buttons barely cover the bottom of it, so I am on the lookout for some more treasures! You can be sure I'll let you know if I find any! Enjoy your weekend, and I hope it's not too cold where you are!


Marie-Jolie said...

Sweet little flower pin! I love it! (And as you said, sometimes these dreary winter days need a little color.)

snoopydog said...

Good to hear you've had a good weekend so far.... you deserve it! That's a gorgeous photo of the beach, sea and sky. It's at it's best at this time of the year, I think. I love the little posy brooch. It's very 'you'! What a great button tin.... well done Mr J! Hope I manage my new buttons to equally good use , rather than just look at them!!!! Have a snuggly rest of the weekend. XX

Jenny said...

The brooch is just right for these chilly days, a quick result and a bright splash of colour. I love the button tin too, did anyone say it had to be full?

melissa said...

that picture of the sea is beautiful!

as is your new flower brooch! the perfect touch of springtime color! and i love the button/color combos you chose - they're perfect!!

the new button box is adorable - perfect for a knitting kitty!!

Viknits said...

Oh I LOVE the posy of crocheted flowers!
You're lucky to have white snow though - our 8 inches of powdery joy has soon turned to mucky slush :(
Hope you got some cosy knitting done!
Vikki xx