Thursday, 21 October 2010

Countdown to the Emerald Isle

Good evening to you! The bags are packed, and Mr JK and I are ready for the off after work tomorrow. We are flying into Waterford, and then picking up a car, before driving over to Kenmare, in the west of Ireland. I have an assortment of knitting projects packed - my Mystery KAL socks (I'll print out clue 4 once it's released tomorrow), a spiral scarf using the Koigu yarn Erin gave me at KnitNation, the very orange Wollmeise yarn from Kate to knit a pair of Circles socks, my McCafferty shawl, a secret project for my Ravelry Christmas swap partner Jean, and a spare pair of Trekking sock yarn for mindless sock knitting if needed! I'm sure that I have far more wool than I can possibly knit in a week, but I do like to have plenty of choice! I'll show you all I've done when we return.
I must just show you what I did with some of my handspun yarn. After plying, I had a little bit of single left on one spool, so used it to knit a little scarf for a furry friend. His name is PuppyDog (PD to his mates!), and he has been with Mr JK and me since we got married!

1st handspun little scarf (6)

I also had another try at spinning. This time, I used some fibre that I'd received from a fibre swap with Cathy in Canada. You might remember this lovely package I received earlier in the year.

fibre swap

The fibre was unbelievably soft, and it spun up pretty quickly.

fibre swap (2)

Before I knew it, I'd filled two bobbins with yarn!

2nd handspun

I then plied the two singles into one, and twisted it into a skein.

2nd handspun (6)

The words of a Queen song come into my mind - 'Don't stop me now, I'm having such a good time, I'm having a ball'! I'm definitely going to be making up for lost spinning time! Have a lovely week, and I'll see you when I return, to be sure! xxx


Anonymous said...

Oooooh your spinning is absolutely gorgeous! Treasure the 'lumpy, bumpy' yarn, cos it makes stunning texture (especially in stocking stitch) and it's difficult to go back to once you start spinning finer yarn.
Have a lovely time away!

melissa said...

what completely lovely yarn you are creating over there!!

i always over pack knitting projects when i go on a trip as well - you just never know... i'd hate to actually run out of knitting while on vacation!

have a wonderful trip!!

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Hope you have a great time on my side of the Irish Sea! And if you see this before you go, bring a brolly, cos it's raining. Your spinning is fab, and I love PD and his scarf. :)

snoopydog said...

Love your spun yarn .... and PD!!!!!! Have a great time in Ireland. XX

Jenny said...

You will be there now and probably well into the knitting. The joy of packing too much yarn, I love it, don't even feel guilty bringing it home with the extra I've purchased. Well done with the spinning, it is beautiful

Anonymous said...

Hello! You have made most beautiful yarn with fabulous colours! I hope you have nice travel!
Best wishes Teje