Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Signs of aging!

Hello there! Hope all is well for you. I'm stuck at home at the moment, with a sore throat and very croaky voice. Yesterday I could barely make a sound (Mr JK rather rudely said that he thought he'd gone deaf!!) but today it's a little better, but completely hopeless if you have to teach a class of rather unruly children! Fingers crossed things will be better by tomorrow. In the meantime, I've been busy catching up with my spinning. I spun the other half of the fibre yesterday (well, I say half, but it obviously wasn't, as the second bobbin wasn't as full), and this morning I plied the two together. I've learned a lot about what not to do when spinning, and am looking forward to my second attempt!

I think that I will make a little neckwarmer of some kind - it seems a shame not to use the yarn, even though it is rather lumpy and bumpy in places! I love the colours. It's interesting to compare how the original fibre looks as compared with the spun yarn. I've wound it into a skein, and will soak it and leave it to dry to help set the twist.

my first handspun! (4)

I managed to get caught up with my Mystery sock KAL this weekend. I spent about nine hours in total travelling on trains on my way to and from a get-together with my old university friends. We meet up once a year, taking it in turns to host. This year, we were all travelling to Reading. On my return journey, the seat I'd reserved was occupied by a mum and young child, so I couldn't turf them out. Feeling somewhat irritated that I was going to lose knitting time having to stand (the train back into London was chock-a-block), I stood in the aisle, and was surprised when a young lad offered me his seat! I didn't think that I looked that old!! At least he didn't call me 'my dear' as well! Still, I probably lived up the the 'Granny' image by getting out my knitting!
I was able to press on with clues 2 and 3, so I'm now all up to date, and chomping at the bit for clue 4.

Mystery socks heel WIP (2)

Roll on Friday! The next clue will be released, and it's the start of half term. We are off to Ireland for the week. We shall be staying over in the west, in a little town called Kenmare. Our previous trip to Kenmare has a lot to answer for - it was here in 2007 that I went into a yarn shop, drawn in by skeins of Noro yarn in the window. The rest, as they say, is history!! Have a good week, won't you, and I'll try and pop back again before we go away. xxx


Northern Monkey said...

Your handspun yarn looks lovely as do your socks. Hope you're feeling better soon!

melissa said...

oh wow - your handspun looks gorgeous! it will be so lovely when you knit it up!

the sock are coming along quite nicely as well - they're going to be stunning when completed!

snoopydog said...

I LOVE your spinning! It looks great!!!! Such pretty colours. Look forward to seeing it knitting up.Your socks are looking great too. Hope you are feeling better :) XX

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Your spinning is fantastic! It looks like some expensive thick and thin yarn. It's just a suggestion, but I think it would make a fab hat (but then I am slightly obsessed with hats!). Good luck with whatever you make with it. :)

Stadtwaldvogel said...

Your first handspun turned out so beautiful! Get well soon!
Yours, Julia