Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wool Week 2010 - Day 3

What's your approach to knitting? Are you a 'one-at-a-time' project knitter, or do you have several different projects on the go? I definitely fall into the latter group! I currently have nine projects on the needles (eleven if I count the two in hibernation on my Ravelry list, ahem!!) I always have a relatively easy sock handy for knitting at odd times when I need something simple. My current mindless sock is in a Trekking yarn, for my friend Michele's Dad. I have another pair of socks on the go that require a little more concentration. It's the 2010 Through the Loops Mystery Sock. A clue is published weekly. I'm a bit behind, having only just finished clue 1 (the cuff), but I have rewound my yarn to knit both socks together.

mystery sock WIP cuff 003

The yarn is from The Thylacine and I love the subtle colour changes. I've been busy working on the leg pattern, and will have more to show you after the weekend. I also have three shawls on the go! My Katerina shawl now stands at 20/40 repeats, and I'm starting to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel! The other two are McCafferty and my beach party shawl, which I'm finding really complicated to knit if there are any distractions. Thank goodness for lifelines is all I can say! I have three blankets too - my sock yarn blankie, and 10 stitch Noro Silk Garden blanket and a crochet blanket (although this hasn't yet been started, and might end up being crocheted cushions instead!) I still have my stripy summer bag to line too. My hibernating projects are a feather and fan scarf, and a Baktus. Not sure about the colour combination here, and think it may well be frogged so I can use the Zauberball for socks!
Let me know how many projects you have on the go. Can anyone beat my eleven?!

By the way, I have discovered that as well as being Wool Week, it's also Chocolate Week! So I shall leave you now, and go and have a couple of squares of my current favourite - Green and Blacks Ginger!


snoopydog said...

I've got several on the go but am focussing on my KAL socks and the chunky cabled coat for Miss Snoopydog. I have to think of that project in terms of balls used up and so far I've knit up 3 1/2 out of 12 :) Ros x

Northern Monkey said...

I'm knitting those socks too! I've also rewound my yarn so I can knit both at the same time but got a bit carried away on the first and have knit the cuff and quite a way down the leg! I currently have 4 projects on the go and my husband thinks that's too many...silly man!

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

I have four WIPs at the minute. There's a cardigan, a blanket, a scarf and a second sock. I refuse to cast on anything else until at least one is finished. Unfortunately I have second-sleeve syndrome with the cardigan.

melissa said...

oooh! i love green and black's ginger! so yummy!

i am definitely a more than one project at a time gal. i am impressed by people who can be faithful to only one project, but that's just not my style.

love those blue sock cuffs by the way!!