Thursday, 14 October 2010

Wool Week 2010 - Day 4

In honour of Wool Week, I bought myself some fibre in the hope that it will spur me on to get spinning! You may remember that I got a spinning wheel last Christmas, but my efforts on it have been pretty pathetic. I think, if I'm being honest with myself, that I'm just a little scared of having a go, because I know that what I produce to start off is more than likely going to be unknittable! (I'm a bit of a perfectionist.) While reading up about Wool Week on Folksy, I came across some absolutely beautiful fibre. The colours made me smile! So without further ado, I bought it!

new fibre for Wool Week 2010 008

The fibre is from Alchemy Fibre Arts, and you can find her other goodies in her Etsy shop. The colours are just stunning, I'm sure that my attempts won't do it justice, but I'm going to have a go! I've undone the plait ...........

new fibre for Wool Week 2010 015

and now I need to stop procrastinating and get upstairs so that I can

new fibre for Wool Week 2010 014


Stadtwaldvogel said...

Pretty fiber! I hope you have been spinning successful! Of course your first yarn won't be perfect, so relax. Your second one will be much nicer and soon you will have beautiful and useable yarn! :-D I have been lingering around the fibers from Alchemy Fiber Arts and surely will buy some nice fiber from there one day!
I can not beat your eleven projects, I am the one-at-a-time person and am only knitting on one project right now.
Have a great evening!

Maria said...

No wonder you couldn't resist - what wonderful colours and it looks so soft

Northern Monkey said...

ooh lovely fibre, I'm not even going there with spinning...I'm bad enough with my knitting stash!

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Oh my goodness!! You're very brave! I'd love to try spinning, but it seems scary. (I'm not really helping, am I?!) Anyway, good luck wth it, I have every faith in you! :)

melissa said...

gorgeous fiber!
good luck with the spinning!! you can do it!