Sunday, 13 March 2011

Loose ends

Another weekend has come and almost gone! I've been busy trying to finish (and catch up with) a couple of projects this week. First, I finished my Monkey Bread scarf. I knitted until I was almost out of yarn, and the result is a lovely, soft scarf that will be perfect for next winter. I bought some blocking wires especially this week. I ordered them from I Knit in London on Tuesday, and they arrived the next day! Pretty impressive service! I'm planning on knitting more lace this year, so they won't go to waste. There are no modelled photos I'm afraid, as it's been so gloomy here today. But here's how it looked blocking ......

Monkey Bread blocking 001

Can you see just how soft and cushy that yarn is? In case you're tempted, I'll remind you that it's from Great Northern Yarns. A restock is expected at the start of April, so you could treat yourself and get ready for next winter!

I had a bit of catching up to do with my Innocent Smoothie hats. I knit most of them last night while Mr JK and I were at a concert. The lights were left on enough for me to be able to see - most considerate. The man sitting next to me wasn't impressed however. I overheard him talking to other people in his group about how irritating it was!! My hands were pretty much in my lap while I was knitting on small dpns, so I was barely moving at all! As Mr JK (who can be relied on to give an honest view) didn't think there was anything wrong with me knitting, I carried on until I'd run out of yarn at the end of the interval, and then put my knitting away with a flourish!! Here are the hats of the week for weeks 15 to 20!

smoothie hats of week 15-20

I had a couple of little packages in the post this week. The first was from girlontherocks - a sheep spinner's WPI gauge to help me work out what weight yarn I've spun ......

WPI sheep

and a sheep needle sizer. They are so cute!

needle sizer

I also got 500g of undyed BFL fibre from Forest Fibres so that I can experiment with the ratios and tension on my spinning wheel, without using up my beautifully dyed fibre. They sell all sorts of wonderful accessories for spinners, so I'm sure that this won't be my last purchase from them!

This evening I'm going to sit down and crack on with my crocheted granny squares for the flood victims in Australia. There have been some pretty terrible scenes on the news this weekend of the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I wonder if there is going to be a co-ordinated knitting relief project for the victims? How on earth do you begin to rebuild your life after something like that? It certainly makes you reasses what's important, doesn't it?

I don't think that I shared Mr JK's Valentine card with you. How's this for yarny love?

valentine yarny love

Thanks for stopping by. Have a good week, and see you again soon. xxx


Northern Monkey said...

Hope you have a great week. That scarf looks lovely and soft and the pattern is beautiful. I also love the little sheepy tools, they're great.

Jenny said...

Lots of lovely yarn related items have come into your life this week, you are so organised with all the equipment. I really like the scarf and the idea of getting cracking now for next winter. Always so many possible projects, never enough time, have a good knitty week.

snoopydog said...

Your little story of the concert made me chuckle a lot. I could just imagine it! :-)I'm just going to have to make one of those gorgeous scarves! Love your little purchases. Hope you have a fun week xx

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Your scarf is gorgeous, I still can't get over the fact that there is yarn made of mink!

I do like the little sheep gadgets, especially the wraps per inch one. That would come in very handy.

And that man at the concert needs to wind his neck in (as we say in these parts!). You weren't disturbing anybody! I'm insulted for you.

melissa said...

oh that scarf is like a dream!

love all the teeny hats too! what fun!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see that scarf off the needles! I bet it will trap heat like a champ! Have I missed somewhere, the explanation of the innocent smoothie caps?

Stadtwaldvogel said...

Love your Monkey Bread scarf! I can only imagine how soft the yarn is. Man! Just ignore such silly comments about the wonderful art of knitting!!! The little sheep accessoires are so cute. Mr. JK has a good taste in cards.
Have a wonderful week!
Yours, Julia
PS: Just ordered your yarn and fiber! :-)

Viknits said...

I absolutely love the scarf, and have saved the website to my faves for some mink yarn, it looks so soft! Love all your spinning too - you've made such a lot of progress! I'm really impressed :) (and thanks for the compliments)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, it used my old blogger account! Will try and do this from my wordpress account, sorry!

Cat said...

love the scarf and the sheep needle sizer, very cute!

Amanda said...

May have to invest in a set of blogging wires I think - your scarf loves perfect. Such a neat straight edge!

Saffy said...

You've just sold another WPI tool :) I followed your link to girlontherocks shop and bought myself a sheepy WPI and an owl needle gauge (no sheep). I have only one needle gauge and have been meaning to buy another for ages - it's amazing how they hide when you need them!