Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Scarf's First Outing!

What better thing to do on a sunny spring morning than head off along the North Norfolk coast? We ended up in Wells-next-the-Sea, one of our favourite places, especially out of season! The first thing I spotted was this road name. I wonder what the history behind it is?!

a day in wells next the sea 001

We headed down to the harbour. The tide was out, so you could easily see the channels through the salt marshes out to the sea.

a day in wells next the sea 018

I wore my new Monkey Bread scarf for the first time and I love it! I really want to knit the infinity version in a different colour way too. To say that it's soft and warm is an understatement. It is pure luxury! Craig is currently restocking his yarns, and I'm pretty certain that he does the mink and cashmere yarn in purple. If so, bang goes my yarn diet! I shall be completely helpless to resist! I wore it like this .....

a day in wells next the sea 012

and it also looks pretty good like this ......

a day in wells next the sea 014

We walked down the path, following the channel out to sea, to get to the beach. There were several families with windbreaks, picnicking on the beach. The beach is lovely and sandy!

a day in wells next the sea 038

Wells is famous for its colourful beach huts, set against a backdrop of pine trees.

a day in wells next the sea 024

Most people take great pride in their beach huts, and they are well maintained. We only saw a couple that were in need of a little tlc! It's really hard to pick a favourite. I quite like the yellow, pink and green one. It's called 'Dolly Mixtures' and they were a favourite childhood sweet! We always had them at my birthday parties! Which hut would you choose?

Wells next the sea beach huts

We finished up the Three Horseshoes pub in Warham. It's a really small, traditional English pub that serves a great pie and proper vegetables! Mr JK had beef and horseradish, while I settled on beef and mustard. Deeeeeeeeeelish! Despite the rather generous portions, I found room for some pudding (the sea air must have given me an appetite!) and syrup and nut sponge with custard went down nicely!

a day in wells next the sea 051

The only trouble now is that I feel rather sleepy. Mr JK has disappeared to 'listen to the football match on the radio'!! I think that I might just go and make myself comfy on the sofa with a cup of tea. Hope you are having a good Saturday too! xxx


Kathy said...

We had a lovely day here too. The first time it has actually felt warm. We went to the seaside too, but a very different sort of seaside to your trip! I love those beach huts .... I like the Dolly Mixture one too.

Lyn said...

what a lovely day out you had and you still have Sunday to look forward too!
I like the blue and white striped one!

Yarndancer said...

Looks like you had a great time! Love those beach huts! So pretty. And I love that street name :D

Stadtwaldvogel said...

My favorite beach hut is the yellow and white one. Usually I do not like yellow but this one has nice decorations. Your scarf is even prettier when you wear it. Living in Knitting Needle Lane would be fun!
Love, Julia

Jenny said...

What a brilliant day out for the scarf, but then something so beautiful deserves to be treated well. Maybe take it to double pin drive next time?

snoopydog said...

Great day out by the look of it! I sat in the garden with my knitting for about three hours. The scarf looks very lovely, I have to say. I've beeen over and looked with envy at the yarns. Might need to pop back when he has re-stocked!!!!!! Hope you have a good week. Rosx

Anonymous said...

love the green of that scarf. The pictures from the beach and town are lovely; thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, the beach huts at Wells really took me back - for a while I went to north Norfolk every year for a break about now (sigh).

And the scarf is lovely!

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

I'm glad the scarf had such a nice day out! The photos are lovely, I think I like the green, white, pink and yellow hut best.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I want to live in Knitting Needle Lane! I visited Wells 18 months or so ago, I loved the whole area round there (we were staying in Salthouse), I'd like to visit again one day.

The scarf looks lovely, and so cosy!

And your beach huts photos are great, very cheery :)

knitting said...

wow, that looks like an absolute dream of an outing! what a lovely day! and, seriously, knitting needle lane?! too awesome!

melissa said...

what a perfect first outing for your lovely scarf.
love those beach huts - what fun!