Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sworn enemies

Today I have decided that I am not a natural lace knitter. Lace and I are not best friends, not in the slightest! I finally cast on for the Spriteling pre-Knit Nation KAL yesterday. I did a crochet provisional cast on (something new-ish for me, but I was determined to be able to do it so that the stitches unzipped themselves this time instead of stubbornly refusing to co-operate), completed the cast on and set up sections, and all was going marvellously (or so I thought!) I learned how to do a standard lace cast off, put in a lifeline at row 10, and got to row 15 of clue 1, when on stretching out my knitting, thought that it didn't look 'quite right'. I went to the Spriteling project page on Ravelry so that I could compare my knitting with other projects. Closer inspection confirmed my worst fears - I'd gone wrong back at the start! Oh well, I thought. It could have been worse. At least I hadn't knitted too much. I pulled the knitting off the needles, rewound the yarn, and started again. This time the setting up was perfect, and I could see where I'd gone wrong before. Easy popsy! I worked my way through clue 1, stopping after row 25 for some lunch. 'Let's just take a look to see how it's looking,' I thought to myself. 'Hang on a minute - that doesn't look quite right!' I'd done a ssk in the wrong place, and in doing so, had a wobble in the border that was not acceptable to me. And of course, the error was between row 10 (where the first lifeline had been) and row 20 (where the new lifeline now resided!) I shall leave ALL lifelines in next time, just in case! I wish that I wasn't such a perfectionist, but if I spot a mistake, I have to correct it, otherwise I always know that it's there! So I'm back to square one again - yarn rewound and ready for try number 3! Let's hope it's 3rd time lucky. If not, I think that it might just get put in the naughty corner for a while. I will not be beaten! Now excuse me while I go and seek out some chocolate! xx

Spriteling grrrrrrrr


pinkundine said...

I'm exactly the same with lace - I'd love to be able to do it beautifully, but I always seem to discover a rogue YO or K2tog that throws everything off (then I throw something and have a bit of a sulk!)

Vanessa said...

I love the look of lace and SSK is one of my favorite stitches but it always comes out wonky from where I let my attention lapse.

Anonymous said...

Keep at it - you'll get there!

I've not seen this pattern, but I have seen previous patterns by the same designer, and they might not be the best to start lace knitting with. If it doesn't work out, try something like Forest Canopy, which was my first lace, and a great introduction.

But fingers crossed you do manage to work this one out. I count to myself the whole time I'm doing lace, and use stitch markers anywhere I think they'll be useful - don't be ashamed on anything that'll make your life easier :)

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Oh no!! What a nightmare! I admire you for sticking at it, I would have put it in the naughty corner ages ago!

Minniemoll's advice is spot on, and good luck with it. :)

melissa said...

oh no!
third time's a charm.
and hopefully the chocolate will help a bit as well.

Suz said...

Hope 3rd time lucky works...and chocolate has got to help for sure lol
Hugs Suz x

Jenny said...

Now I remember why I haven't made a shawl. Sitting in the sun knitting today would have been ruined if it had all gone pear shaped. I admire your determination to get it right and I'm sure you will, I think I'd showing that Spriteling some violence by now.

snoopydog said...

Hmmm! Sounds a bit like my start to 'Spriteling'. You've made me think about leaving the lifelines in though, as I've taken the previous one out each time a new one is added. Love the yarn! Rosx