Sunday, 28 April 2013

A bad case of cast-on-itis!

Oh what a magpie I am! I see a lovely, brand new shiny knitting pattern and I want it NOW!! Monogamous knitting has gone right out of the window I'm afraid and it will most likely end in tears, when I get frustrated by my lack of finishing anything. Let me confess to you all my new projects.
Number 1 - a Squish Me slouchy hat. I don't have a purple hat, and thought it was about time I did!
Squish Me WIP (1)

Number 2 - a pair of Plain Jhayne mitts. This qiviuk yarn has been calling to me ever since I received it last December; a birthday gift from a dear friend. I suffer from cold hands, so this light as a feather pair of mitts should help to keep me warm. Mine aren't quite as plain as the name sounds though, as I'm adding beads.
Not so Plain Jhaynes WIP (4)

Number 3 - a pair of Gridiron socks. This yarn was a part of a swap gift last year, I love the deep, jewel-like tones.
Gridiron socks WIP

Number 4 - Tidal Sands cowl. I find cowls really wearable. Lots of cosiness around the neck without the bulk and loose ends of a scarf. Flo likes the yarn, it's Breakfast Blend fingering in the Burnt Toast colourway. Very snuggly!

Tidal Sands WIP with Flo (1)
Number 5 - a neat ripple crochet blanket for the cat sanctuary. I had the urge to get hooking again!

Cat ripple no 1 WIP

Not to mention my other current projects - two, yes two cardigans and a blanket (plus the three projects currently in hibernation!!) I won't get bored or run out of things to knit, that's for sure!! See you soon for a progress report! xxx


Michele in Maine said...

These all seem very doable to me! A project for every mood!

snoopydog said...

That's a very lovely owls bag there Josiekitten! I think you definitly need to make each of those very lovely projects. Looking forward to seeing them all as they roll off the needles! ;-) x

Una said...

Great choices and I love the colours in the blanket.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad to see you've busted out the ol'crochet hook!!

i must be feeling like a magpie too because as i saw each of your new projects i thought "well of course she *needed* to start that one!" as well as "ooooh! i want to make that tooo!!!!!"

Lynne said...

I refuse to look on my Ravelry page to see how many purple hats I have, but I can say with certainly that you definately need one, and the colour you're using is gorgeous!

I've had a look at all the patterns for your projects, and all of them are lovely, especially the cowl.

SapphireBlue said...

Casting on is so much fun. Can't help it.