Sunday, 5 May 2013

Springing into action

Spring garden

It's a gorgeous spring day, the sun is shining and the garden is blooming. I just love it all so much, I can't tell you! Every day I go outside and spot something new. Fabulous!  I am off to spend the afternoon outside knitting. Today is my first 'no socks' day of 2013, yippee!! Here's to many more! I'll be back soon with a knitting report. xxx
feet out! (1)


Anonymous said...

Lovey photos. Could you tell me, what app do you use to create the photo collage?

Michele in Maine said...

At first I thought you meant it was the first day you weren't knitting socks!

Love your Birkies!

Jenny said...

Just home, after 3.5 weeks away I am disappointed my garden is still very brown, unlike yours which looks springlike. Fortunately my tanned toes are just as pretty as yours.

Anonymous said...

oh wow! your garden is looking so so amazing!!
we're finally getting some green peeping up over here, i'm excited to see what shows up in my new yard this spring!

ps - your toes look like they're enjoying the warmer weather :)

Lynne said...

Your garden is beautiful, and I love your sandals!