Sunday, 2 June 2013

Good things too must end......

Back to work tomorrow!! I really would like another week off to chill, but sadly that's not to be!! Never mind, I shall be counting down the weeks until the summer holidays. Seven and a half weeks to go!! I don't seem to have achieved a great deal during this holiday. I had good intentions of sorting out box loads of paperwork that currently reside in the craft room, but I always managed to find something else more interesting in there to distract me.
I did finish my Tidal Sands cowl, using a skein of BareNakedYarns Breakfast Blend fingering. I really can't say enough good things about this yarn. It knits up to give a cosy, cushy fabric which feels very luxurious. I used one skein to knit this, in the colourway 'Burnt Toast'. It really feels delicious and is going to be a staple in my wardrobe in the autumn. Flo is rather partial to the yarn too, and helped with the blocking!
Flo helps with blocking (2)

The cowl is reversible and very straightforward to knit. I love how the waves on the knitting remind me of the ripples left on the beach after the tide has gone out.
Tidal Sands 003

Holkham Feb 2012 008

And the answer is NO, Florence. You may NOT have a blanket knit from this yarn!

Tidal Sands 015

I've just finished some test knitting and will share that with you once the pattern has been released. My dear friend Snoopydog came to visit this week and took lots of photos of the finished knits. It was great to catch up. We are planning to go to Fibre East together in the summer. I've also picked up a pair of beaded mitts, that I started knitting a month or so ago. They are knit with the most gorgeous yarn I have ever felt and will be extremely luxurious. I hope to finish them this week.
I don't think I showed you the most recent projects from my school knitting group. We knit little owls and cats and the children are keen to take them home. The pattern has worked very well, and I'm wondering how I might be able to adapt it to make other animals in the future.

Owls and cats

We had a busy day in the garden yesterday potting up some of our ceramic pots with summer bedding plants. Although the garden is absolutely beautiful, it's nice to be putting a little bit of ourselves in there too. Mr JK is growing his veggies in pots this year. We'll see how that works before deciding on whether or not to have a separate vegetable plot in the future.

June garden

Mr JK and I went for an early morning walk today. It was just beautiful to be out walking through the country lanes. We are planning on making this a regular activity in a bid to increase our levels of exercise. And with scenery like this, it's not going to be a chore! See you soon. xxx
Early morning summer walk June 2013 005

Early morning summer walk June 2013 002

Early morning summer walk June 2013 003

Early morning summer walk June 2013 001
Early morning summer walk June 2013 004


Claire said...

Your garden looks absolutely amazing, I am so green (he he) as mine looks like a wildlife garden at the moment, full of wild flowers that some people would like to call weeds.

I also love the little owls and cats you made with the children as well. They are very sweet and the children must be so proud of them.

You going for walks has made me realise that it's time I did so too. We have the Royal Military Canal practically on the doorstep with some amazing scenery and wildlife. It's me for the canal path tomorrow with my camera and my hyper-energetic 8 year old.

Lynne said...

Ah, nothing can block knitting quite like a cat! Your cowl is lovely.

Clicky Needles said...

The garden is looking fabby JK.

We're trying to walk more too.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous gorgeous cowl!! (and you know, you won't have to knit flo another blanket if you just let her keep your cowl :)

your student's projects are fantastic!!