Sunday, 13 October 2013

Time to dig out the woollies!

It's feeling very autumnal in our little corner of Norfolk. The temperature has dropped and the lawn is covered with leaves in varying shades of red, orange, yellow and brown. Needless to say, Flo is delighted and thinks we have been most generous with all her outdoor cat toys!! Mr JK and I have been walking every morning, and this past week I have had to delve into the wardrobe to unearth some cosy knitwear! As long as it's not pouring with rain, I don't mind the walk. We are both starting to see the benefits too, so that's really motivating us to keep going! So picture me, bundled up at 6am, wearing my handspun Fartlek hat ..........
Handspun Fartlek  (2) Tidal Sands cowl..........

Tidal Sands 003

...... and my Plain Jhayne mitts. These are so warm and light, it's a treat to wear them!

Not so Plain Jhaynes 008

I may not look especially co-ordinated, but hey! I'm nice and warm! (Note to self - search Ravelry for hat, scarf, cowl and mitts sets!) What are your comfort knits that you dig out once it starts to get chilly?
Despite a very busy couple of weeks at school, I have managed to get some knitting and spinning done. Firstly, I finished off a slouchy hat for one of my Uni friends. We are meeting up next weekend, so I was keen to get it finished by this weekend. The pattern is Squish Me, and I know it would have been better knitted in a wool yarn. But my friend specifically asked for an acrylic hat! Sorry the photo isn't very good. I have been looking on ebay and think I will buy a model head to show off hats a bit better!
squish me hat for mu

I also finished the first of a pair of handspun socks. I'm using some fibre that Marianne gifted to me. It's a mix of 50% BFL and 50% ramie, a plant fibre extracted from stinging nettles! They are a little more rustic than my usual handknit socks, but I think they will be perfect for slouching around the house or wearing in my walking boots. I love the way the colours blend together.
handspun nettle sock wip (1)

handspun nettle sock wip (3)

handspun nettle sock wip (2)
I'm taking part in a Spin-Along in the Fluff-n-Stuff group on Ravelry. We are spinning up our swap fibre with the aim of knitting some mitts next month. I haven't got very far yet, but am enjoying spending time at the wheel again.

October spin-along 001

This is another braid of Stinger fibre. I'm trying to spin it quite fine. Time will tell how it plies up, it's always a bit of a surprise!! I received another parcel in the fibre swap (we had an odd number of people taking part and so I gave myself two partners. What can I say except that I am clearly a total fibre glutton!!) This parcel was from Nic and she sent me a gorgeous braid of Halo, which is a mix of Polwarth and kid mohair. I think it is going to become a cosy cowl at some point. Nic also sent me a very pretty lace pincushion she'd bought while on holiday in Austria and a seriously cute Christmas tree ornament hot from Yarndale!

fluff-n-stuff swap with nic 001

I was delighted to find a fun neck warmer in Sainsbury's yesterday. I have been suffering from a stiff neck and wanted one of those warmers that you could just bung in the microwave. Of course all the Christmas gifts are on display, and I pounced on this. It's got a pretty colourwork pattern and is wrapped around my neck as I write my blog!
neck warmer (1)

If I don't manage to blog next Sunday, it'll be because I'm travelling back from my weekend away in Devon. But that will mean lots of knitting time on the train!! Keep warm and see you soon! xxx


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Knitting!

Anonymous said...

well everything's absolutely beautiful!!
i've not had to break out a lot of my woolies yet... but i've been wearing my fingerless gloves sometimes at night when i'm reading... it's coming though. i think the temps are supposed to drop tomorrow and it's going to get rainy and nasty. best go dig out my scarves and hats!

Una said...

i don't know if you have a Hobbycraft shop near you. But my local(ish) one sells white polystyrene heads quite cheaply. I love all the colours you use for your knitting. I don't often wear hats but I knitted a couple this year and will wear them if we get the bad winter that I saw forecast.

WildflowerWool said...

I think having mismatched knit wear is a universal sign of a knitter! I don't have anything that matches either! It has been surprisingly warm here so no knits have been pulled out yet.

SapphireBlue said...

Autumn is such a great time of year. Everything looks beautiful!

Claire said...

I love those socks they look so warm and the colours are exciting. I always love to look at the yarns you spin because they are so nice.

Lynne said...

What a gorgeous collection! I really love the colours in your hat and socks. I haven't cracked out my woollies yet, but I think I will be soon.

Anonymous said...

so many lovely things! Love your socks and need to investagte that neck warmer, mine is creaking from all the sewing I've been doing!