Sunday, 27 April 2014

And finally - a finished sweater!!

Well, finished but still blocking actually! It's amazing what some monogamous knitting can do, isn't it?! I started the Vodka Lemonade sweater by Baby Cocktails for a KAL in the ThreeBagsFull group on Ravelry exactly three weeks ago and cast off this morning! Who knew it was possible to knit a sweater in such a short time? Not me, that's for sure!! I used some DK Polwarth and silk yarn from Sincere Sheep and it was really gorgeous to knit, as soft as butter. It definitely helped that the sweater was knit all in one piece, top down, so there was no seaming to do! I will let you have a sneak preview now, and hopefully there will be some modelled photos next week.
Vodka Lemonade blocking (1)

For my portable project while I was in Germany, I worked on a pair of plain vanilla socks using a Regia Kaffe Fassett yarn. I do love these self striping yarns, it's motivating to see the stripes develop, and very easy to 'just knit a couple more rounds' to see what colour's coming next!!
vanilla sock WIP (2)

The garden is bursting with new life at the moment, I think that Spring is my favourite season. I never thought I would be the kind of person to get excited about spotting a new flower about to open, but clearly I was wrong!! Almost on a daily basis, something new pops up in the garden and it just delights me! You can see just how much the garden has changed over the past month or so in this set of pictures.
spring garden March 2014 (2) Spring garden blooms March 2014 004 spring garden March 3oth 2014 (2) garden April 5th 2014 (6) April garden 13.04.14 001 April 27 2014 garden (20)

The first one was taken on March 16th and the last one was taken this morning. The tree is really lovely and a favourite place of Miss Flo. I think she would like Mr JK to fix a little platform up there for her to survey her world from! This was her this evening! (Sorry about the grainy picture, but I was a little way off!)
Flo up a tree! (1)

Actually, while Flo was gallivanting,  Mr JK and I were enjoying afternoon tea in the garden. It's something we have taken to doing since we moved house last year. We both have tea sets inherited from our parents. Mr JK's is a Royal Albert Country Roses and mine is Royal Doulton Greenbrier. It was actually one of my parents' wedding presents but I never recall seeing it used once! It was kept safely in a cupboard. We decided that they were too nice not to use, so every Sunday, we have proper afternoon tea with cake!! Today we ate Dutch raisin buns bought in Delft last Monday and some German poppy seed cake that I baked over the Easter holidays. Mmmmmmm!
afternoon tea (1)

This afternoon we went over to East Ruston Old Vicarage again. It's been about a month since our last visit, so we were keen to see how the garden had changed. It was looking just beautiful, so many new things since we were there. I took loads of photos, so if you are interested, pop over to my Flickr page. Here's a little taster for you........
East Ruston Old Vicarage 27.04.14

I am super-excited because I have signed up for a yarn club and I just have to tell you about it!! I have been in Anne Hanson's clubs since the very first Fall in Full Colour club way back in 2011. I have been pattern only for all but one, but decided to splurge out for Anne's latest club, PURPLE PASSION!! Purple is my absolute favourite colour, and the thought of not being a part of an exclusive knitspot club was just too much!! As I am a member of BareNakedKnitspot, I have already been able to sign up, but general sign ups open on May 1st. Take a look here if you are interested. I know it's going to be a lot of fun! To celebrate this new club, I went around our garden earlier this morning, taking photos of some of the purple flowers in bloom. Just perfect!
Purple Passion

Before I go, I must just share this photo of Flo, snapped when she was sitting on the bench in the garden. She loves being outside, especially if she has our company too! See you next week, it's a long weekend for May Day! Yay!! xxx
 PS Don't forget that you only have until April 30th to enter my tape measure cosy giveaway!

April 27 2014 garden (22)


snoopydog said...

The 'Vodka Lemonade' looks fab. Look forward to some modelled views! The garden is also looking really lovely. Have a good eek Ros

Una said...

That cardigan was a very quick knit, even though you concentrated on it. The garden photos are interesting, especially as they are all from the same viewpoint. I might try that next year.

Stitched Together said...

That cardigan looks great, a real wardrobe staple. I must knit one of her patterns because I love her design aesthetic so much. The garden is looking great. Out cat loves it when we are out in the garden with her too. I think it's because we will protect her from any neighbour cat incursions (off which there are many).

Anonymous said...

Beautiful jumper and I'm very impressed at you knitting it in three weeks, I can't knit a pair of socks in that time normally! Beautiful garden photos, I was happy to potter about in mine yesterday afternoon, lots of new shoots appearing now the snow has finally gone.

Jenny said...

Lovely sweater, garden is looking great and Flo is absolutely regal in it.

Lynne said...

Your cardigan looks fab, I'm seriously impressed at it only taking three weeks! And I agree with what you said about the sock yarn, seeing the colours changing is very motivating. I absolutely love the photos of your garden. Gardens really do spring into live so suddenly in the Spring time - I know my garden is. I love your tulip planters in the last photo, and Flo of course!

melissa said...

your finished sweater is gorgeous!! i love it!!

and i love that flo has her own tree to hang out in!