Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter in Germany

We had a fabulous time in Germany. Andrea and Wolfgang are just the most perfect hosts, and our days were spent chatting, visiting neighbouring towns and villages, walking, making music, playing board games, eating cake and just relaxing. I was really sad to say goodbye to them yesterday morning and hope that we will see them again sometime this year. Here's a snapshot of our trip.
Many Germans decorate the trees in their gardens with eggs and this was the sight that greeted us on our arrival. So pretty!
Germany April 2014 012

We tried to walk each day to counteract the 'cake' effect! There is a beautiful walk through the countryside right on the doorstep. It starts off passing through an apple orchard, and then across fields of oilseed rape.
Germany April 2014 004

Germany April 2014 007

We visited two local towns  - firstly Schotten. I love how the centre of the market square is decorated for Easter.

Germany April 2014 025

The second town we visited was Laubach. The castle there had the most incredible wisteria that I have ever seen growing on it! Simply stunning!

Germany April 2014 037

Germany April 2014 040

Germany April 2014 045

We went to a local Osterfeuer (Easter Fire) and ate delicious German sausages (bratwurst.) Mmmm!

Germany April 2014 072

Germany April 2014 067
The Easter bunny visited on Easter Sunday............
Germany April 2014 080

......and there were beautifully decorated hardboiled eggs for breakfast too!

Germany April 2014 103

We walked off Easter lunch in the local park. There seem to be so many green spaces in Germany, it's lovely.
Germany April 2014 086
Germany April 2014 085
Germany April 2014 092

We ate rainbow cake and lemonade cake!! (Not your typical German cakes, it has to be said!!)

Germany April 2014 049
Germany April 2014 052

We broke our journey home in Delft, and spent a couple of hours wandering around the canals. It's a really lovely place, a bit like a mini Amsterdam.
Germany April 2014 106

This little lot were busy in the window of the local yarn shop! Aren't they fun?!

Germany April 2014 121

This chap was keeping a beady eye on goings on too!

Germany April 2014 105

There is obviously a strong knitting contingent in Delft, judging by this yarn bombing!!

Germany April 2014 120

I did manage to get some knitting done, but I will save that for another time! Be back soon! xxx


Judith White said...

What a delightful post! So glad you had such a nice weekend. The cakes look so good; hope you have the recipes.

Lyn said...

We were looking at Easter traditions in school before Easter. It was lovely to see your post. Xxx

Anonymous said...

It all looks so fantastic, I used to like going to Germany when I lived in England but only ever passed through Holland after disembarking form the ferry. Delft looks like a lovely place too.

Vivianne said...

So what did you buy in the yarn shop ? :D

Lynne said...

I love the decorated tree - an Easter tree instead of a Christmas tree! And the wisteria is beautiful

snoopydog said...

Great post! Good to know you had a lovely time. Love the rainbow cake and the yarn bombing!!! Have a good week. Rosx

Kim said...

Oh wow Helen! These are absolutely fabulous pictures!!! That one of the yellow field flowers is just stunning. . . . I can hardly take my eyes off it!

melissa said...

so many great photos! i'm glad you had such a wonderful trip!!