Sunday, 25 January 2015

Not a stitch was knit .........

Yes, 'tis true! I did not pick up any knitting all week until yesterday. I had mountains of marking every night from school tests and by the time it was finished, I was too pooped to do anything other than watch a bit of TV before bed. But I have made up for it this weekend, with knitting and sewing both high on the agenda.

Yesterday I made the quilted patchwork panel into a cushion cover. I love it. I used the same envelope cushion pattern that I followed when sewing the Ho Ho Ho bauble cushion before Christmas. It's dead easy! I took the cushion outside this morning to make the most of some bright winter sunshine.

quilted patchwork cushion (5)

quilted patchwork cushion (6)

Florence thought it was made for her, naturally! Here she is , about to test it out!!

quilted patchwork cushion (7)

I carried on with some more sewing today while Mr JK was off running a 10 mile race! Last year I went on a free motion embroidery workshop, and have been itching to have a go at home ever since. Now that my craft room has a dedicated desk for my sewing machine, I can potter about up there and not worry about leaving things out. Previously, I used the dining table in the lounge and of course Flo thinks that anything on there is fair game. She snuck off with my pin cushion one night, which was rather worrying! Thankfully, she didn't swallow any pins! Anyhow, I have a few ideas for things that I was just playing around with today. Take a look and see what you think.

freemotion machine embroidery ideas (2)

freemotion machine embroidery ideas (6)

If you want to see some amazing examples of this kind of textiles work, go and visit Poppy Treffry's website. It's just brilliant! I probably won't get the chance to work on these again until next weekend, but ideas are bubbling away!

The plain vanilla socks are progressing, I have just finished the heel flap of the second sock. They ought to be done by next weekend......... (I know, I said that last week too!)

socks for Monika WIP (1)

The classes are now for sale at this year's Fibre East - my dear pal Snoopydog and I are going to have a go at spindle spinning. I like the idea of having a more portable way to spin - although I probably won't be showing off that particular skill on a Greek beach!! I am also signed up to a class exploring spinning techniques for luxury fibres. If you fancy taking a look at what else is happening at Fibre East this summer, take a look at the website. I just need to knit up the yarn I bought last year now!! Simple! Only 180 days to go! Here's hoping for more knitting time this week. xxx


Jenny said...

I can't believe you haven't knit all week, there may be a law against that. Hope this week is less hectic and the needles are clicking again soon.

knittingsandwich said...

love the cushion and your free motion embroidery is completely amazing!!

Lynne said...

Your free motion embroidery is brilliant, and I love how Flo tried to swipe your cushion!

snoopydog said...

LOVE the cushion and the free stitching. Clever girl!!! :-) Ros x

faith76 said...

The cushion looks really good and very well made. The free motion embroidery looks fun to do.

knittingsandwich said...

That free motion embroidery looks like so much fun! I love the rugged, hand drawn feel to it too. Your sewn knitting is just wonderful!