Sunday, 18 January 2015

Galloping ahead on the sewing front!

Goodness, hasn't it been chilly this weekend? We even had a few flurries of snow on Saturday morning. Thankfully, nothing settled for long, but the biting wind has hung on.

first snow of 2015 (10)

The gnomes (yes, I did say gnomes! They appear to have multiplied since this blog post!) will no doubt be demanding scarves if the cold weather continues!! 

first snow of 2015 (7)

The snow gave a festive feel to the day, added to by the fact that we were dining chez Snoopydog in the evening, and exchanging Christmas gifts. Snoopydog gave me a gorgeous bag from ThreeBagsFull, a skein of yarn from the Kettle Yarn Company and a really useful book packed full of sewing know-how. The print on the bag is such fun, I want to get my pens out and do some more colouring! 

xmas gifts from snoops (1)

The sewing book is excellent and just what I need to fill in lots of gaps in my knowledge. I have done a number of classes in Norwich, and have really enjoyed each one. I'd like to spend more time practising my new skills and this book is perfect to refer to. On Saturday I did a quilted patchwork class. To start with, we had to choose a combination of fabric patches and piece them together on some interlining. I went for some quite muted greeny-blue fabrics and decided to quilt in a green thread. 

machine quilting workshop (2)

machine quilting workshop (3)

The fabric pieces are joined and quilted one at a time. I experimented a little with the stitches and eventually settled on a straight stitch and a wavy stitch. I am really delighted with how it's turned out, and have some fabric cut ready for making it into a cushion. (Hopefully next weekend!) Here's the quilted panel........

quilt as you go patchwork cushion top (2)

quilt as you go patchwork cushion top (4)

quilt as you go patchwork cushion top (1)

quilt as you go patchwork cushion top (3)

I finished a pair of socks over the holidays. I had test knitted the first one way back last summer, but put its partner on the back burner until recently. The pattern is the Pink Pony Sock designed by Kim Swingle. I love the braided cable up the back of the leg. Of course, you would be disappointed if Flo hadn't made an appearance during the photoshoot, wouldn't you?!

Pink Pony socks (5)

Pink Pony sock WIP (8)

A plain vanilla sock has taken its place as my 'no-brainer' knitting, now that school has begun. I have also started a jumper for Mr JK. It's in a chunky yarn, so in theory, I might get it finished this winter. We'll see! Added to that, an Attic24 crochet blanket is calling out to me. Will I succumb to hooky temptations this week? Come back next weekend to find out! xxxx


Jenny said...

I started a patchwork 6 years ago when I retired, I still don't have enough to make a cushion. Sometimes I think I lack ambition, you put me to shame.

knittingsandwich said...

what a lovely quilt - you are endlessly talented!

Brenda B said...

That's a beautiful quilted pieces, really pretty colours. Love the gifts too and of course, the socks! Pretty in pink!

Lynne said...

Your quilting is amazing! I love the colours, and the straight and wavy quilting lines.

knittingsandwich said...

what lovely gifts! and it's clear you'll put them all to good use- your quilting it lovely! i love the mix of those two stitches, beautifully done.