Thursday, 3 December 2015

Between friends - part 1

One of the things I love about knitting is being part of a global community of knitters. Ravelry has made our planet a much smaller place, and I really value the contact I have with like-minded people all around the world. I've made some good friends and even managed to meet up with a few of them over the years. One day, I'd love to visit the USA and stop off to see all my knitting friends. I try to check in on Ravelry at least once a day, and enjoy being a moderator in a couple of groups. In the ThreeBagsFull group, we recently had a 'bag buddies' swap and I was partnered up with Lisa. We chatted a little to get to know each other and discovered that we have very similar likes! Putting a swap parcel together was easy. I received my 'box of delights' from Lisa last week and I have to say that I was well and truly spoilt! Would you like to see all my treats? Silly question, of course you would!

For starters, a Tall Mia bag with a seriously cute kitty print. Michele has a fantastic eye for spotting the best fabrics for her bags. If you'd like to see what's currently on offer in her Etsy shop, take a look here. I have quite a few of Michele's cat themed bags, and love this new addition to my collection!

swap with Lisa (2)

Lisa very generously gave me not one but two skeins of yarn - both from The Plucky Knitter. The skein on the left is Worsted weight in the shade Vintage Icebox. Such an elegant shade, I can see it becoming a cosy cowl or hat. The skein on the right Plucky Feet in the colourway Some Pig. I have an idea for a pair of socks using this one.

swap with Lisa (3)

Lisa and I decided that as we are both spinners, we would throw in some fibre as an extra. I am just thrilled with the braid of JulieSpins Polwarth and silk in a glorious mix of purples and lilacs.

swap with Lisa (8)

There were loads of other goodies inside - Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, a fun kitchen spatula, sheep notelets, labels for my handspun yarn, lip balm, almond and honey sock soap which smells good enough to eat and lavender hand balm which is already working wonders on my dry hands. 

swap with Lisa (9)

Lisa also included a very useful booklet 'Stashbot' - a comprehensive guide to building a useful stash. It lists lots of different items of knitwear - hats, socks, sweaters etc - and the yardage needed for each size. Just brilliant! Definitely worth sourcing one out if you don't already have a copy.

swap with Lisa (1)

Lisa was just the best swap partner, and we have already decided that there will be more swaps in our future! But that parcel wasn't the only one I received last week. Oh no indeedy! You'll have to come back in a couple of days to find out more! xxx


VeggieMummy said...

Ooh, you lucky girl - your swap parcel is fantastic! I think 'Some Pig' is such a great name for that yarn; I can't wait to see the socks that you make with it. I've never heard of sock soap - is it for hand washing wool socks? Looking forward to seeing your next parcel. xx

snoopydog said...

What a great package of goodies! x

knittingsandwich said...

what a fun swap!
i love that kitty bag - you're right, the fabric is perfect!