Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Treats for good girls

Meow meow all, Florence here. Are you feeling the festive spirit yet? I have been counting down the days to the start of December for a little while, having spotted something Most Interesting tucked away in the kitchen. And this morning, I was extremely happy when the aforementioned Most Interesting thing turned out to be an advent calendar especially for me!

Flo's Advent calendar (2)

I needed a little help to open the first door because it was a bit fiddly for my paws! But inside - heaven on a (cat) dish - a cat chocolate with catnip!! It was quite hard to eat because it was pretty big, but Dad broke it up into bits for me and before long, I was on a choccy high! 

Flo's Advent calendar (6)

I needed to sleep after that, and could find no better place than on the table. I do wish that they'd hurry up and finish this jigsaw. I'll let you into a secret - it's the same one that they started last Christmas!! Shocking, eh?

Flo points out that the jigsaw has taken rather a long time! (7)

In case you're interested, Mum and Dad have a more traditional advent calendar ...

Advent calendar 

... this is what was behind their first door. Not a sniff of chocolate anywhere! I guess they haven't been good enough! Meow meow for now! xx

Advent day 1 (1)


Rachel A said...

I love that the cat has a calendar! I left one for Pip the dog at my Dads but it wouldn't surprise me if she got over excited and ate all the treats! Your traditional Advent calendar looks very similar to one I had a few years ago where the tax man was waiting behind one of the doors - let me know if he turns up in yours!

VeggieMummy said...

So glad that you enjoyed your catnip treat, Flo - you've obviously been a very good kitty. Hamish is very envious but, sadly, I don't think they do rabbit ones! Given all the nibbling of rugs and wickerwork that he does, I'm not sure if he's in Santa's good books anyway! Have a happy week. xx

Andrea Hart said...

Oh you are a lucky kitten. My human didn't get me anything as nice as that. She said that there were too many of us and we aren't good at sharing. I don't know who she is talking about. My 3 fellow cats are great at sharing the sofa with me. We get all cosy and then she or the man complain they can't sit down. We were very good at sharing when she forgot to put away the ham after making sandwiches. How was I to know it wasn't our snack. Hmm... She might still be a little bit cross. I'll go and give her some fuss and purr a bit. I'm sure there's still time to get me one.

Lyn said...

Lovely that you have your own advent calendar, enjoy! X

Bridget said...

This post has made my day! Florence is so sweet, and she really deserves her own calendar!

I love advent calendars - this is the first year in a long time that I don't have one.

Jenny said...

I agree Flo you do deserve a treat and I am extremely impressed that you haven't broken into random dates on your calendar. Shows great restraint or are the human parents keeping it out of reach most of the time.

Lynne said...

Hi Flo! You definitely deserve your own advent calendar. Who knew there were advent calendars for cats?!

knittingsandwich said...

oh how fun! now pip and peapod are jealous that they don't have an advent calendar as well!